YGB Hybrid Currency, The Universal Currency, Created By A Gold Miner

Created by Dr. Raymond Youngblood, Jr., Premier International Gold Miner.

“We turning minerals into a currency.”

Universal Currency means a global currency accepted or not accepted by governments with three primary functions: 1. Receive money|accept money payments; 2. Send money|make money payments; and 3. Used systematically.

Human Existence has basic identical systematic needs to live: Oxygen (O₂), Water (H₂O), Food (Nourishment), and Minerals (Inorganic). Whether consumers (citizens), industrial consumers (manufacturers), or commercial consumers (retailers), everything humans use comes from mining or agriculture, everything!

Hybrid means a thing made by combining two or more different elements. Currency means a system of money in use as a medium of exchange for goods and services; accepted at its face value as a payment method.

We turned minerals into a currency.

YGB Hybrid Currency (Hybrid) The Hybrid combines a minimum of two types of assets (1) the Physical Asset(s) is a mineral, metal, natural resource with its own value, and (1) the Technological Asset(s) is technologies explicitly designed for the Hybrid or an existing technology permanently affixed to the physical asset(s). 

The physical asset primary system functions: must have separate marketplaces, be valuable without the system, enter the system free from middlemen directly from mining, in denominations of grams, milligrams, and micrograms, free of financial obligations, and owned outright by the accounts holder known as Hybrid Currency Owner (HCO). The technological asset primary system functions: be permanently affixed to a physical asset, not require digital mining, grow in value based on system behavior, inactive if not affixed to a physical asset, use of all available technologies.