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HCT-Hybrid Currency Terms IPO-Initial Public Offering ICO-Initial Coin Offering  Crowdfunding
Hybrid Currency Terms (HCT) is utilized in gaining users that will fully use a hybrid currency systems.

Initial Public Offering (IPO) is utilized in raising funds for a private company or existing public company. 

Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is utilized in raising funds for a  cryptocurrency, blockchain, or similar technology.

Crowdfunding is utilized in raising funds for a new or existing private company, product, or service.

The YGB Hybrid Currency Terms (HCT) is similar to an Initial Public Offering (IPO), an Initial Coin Offering (ICO), and Crowdfunding. HCT's have some governmental regulations.

The Initial Public Offering (IPO) is similar to an Hybrid Currency Terms (HCT), Initial Coin Offering (ICO), and Crowdfunding. IPO's are governmentally regulated.

The Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is similar to an Hybrid Currency Terms (HCT), an Initial Public Offering (IPO), and Crowdfunding. ICO's have some governmental regulations.

Crowdfunding is similar of an Hybrid Currency Terms (HCT), an Initial Coin Offering (ICO), and an Initial Public Offering (IPO). Crowdfunding has some governmental regulations.

Private and sophisticated Hybrid Currency Owners who engage in HCT's will subscribe  to reach a suitable goal before the company issues any hybrid currency ownership accounts. Private, sophisticated, or general public investors who engage in IPO’s will invest their money before the company issues any shares, ownership, or returns on their investments.  Private, sophisticated, or general public investors who engage in ICO’s will invest their money before the company issues any coins, tokens, alt-coins, ownership, or returns on their investments. Private, sophisticated, or general public investors who engage in Crowdfunders will invest their money before the company issues any products, rewards, ownership, or returns on their investments.

A Hybrid Currency consists of at least two separate valuable independent assets. The first asset is a pure physical asset, usually but not limited to gold, platinum, palladium, etc. The second asset is usually a trusted technological assets. The two assets must be permanently affixed; valuable stand-alone; belong outright to the users (investor); be free of all third parties' financial and contractual obligations; the physical asset must be a direct supply free of intermediaries. The hybrid’s advantage is the two separate assets. The value is based on its physical asset, technological asset, and users community.


In most cases, the company is owned by the founders, management groups, or private investors. The public company has sold all or a portion of itself to the public via an initial public offering. The company can be a new or an existing company with a history. The main advantage of public companies is their ability to tap the finances of the general public or investors by selling stock (equity) or bonds (debt) to raise capital (i.e., cash) for expansion and other projects. 
A cryptocurrency is a single technology asset usually o. The cryptocurrency is usually based on encryption techniques, algorithms, public keys, cryptography, blockchain, or similar bit base technologies. Users operate on a network that is distributed across a large number of technical devices. It can be decentralized or centralized. The cryptos typically offer their investors (Users) coins, tokens, alt-coins, or some other form of a coded asset only. The value is based on its users and scale of community demand or scarcity. In most cases, crowdfunding has restrictions on who can fund a new business and how much they can contribute. Crowdfunding allows investors to select from hundreds of projects and invest as little as $1. Crowdfunders usually used crowdfunding sites to help raise funds. The U.S. regulates equity-based crowdfunding ventures. Crowdfunders use crowdfunding to avoid extensive governmental paperwork and filings.
HCT's are supported with a strategic plan, community size, privacy plans, anti-money laundering plans, work scope, website, app, and other supporting documents. IPO's are supported with SEC filings, exchanges filing, teasers, strategic plans, campaign timelines, website, and other supporting documents.

ICO's are supported with a white paper outlining the project needs, amount of alt/coins and tokens, due diligence plan, website, app, and campaign plans. 

Crowdfunders are supported with a story, a rewards plan, campaign plan, funding goals, general business plan, website, and a few other documents.






















































































 YGB Hybrid Currency utilizes a minimum of Physical Assets and Technological Assets. Electronic Currency has arrived, but it’s unsure if a computer code will be the primary Currency for any country. Too many nations lack sufficient electricity and infrastructure the essential need for a code only technology. We are not crypto, but a Hybrid. We created the Hybrid Currency based on actual mineral extraction of valuable minerals, not codes.


Gold mining and other mineral extraction are the basis of our Hybrid. The Hybrid advantage is that we are actual minerals extractors working towards one of the most advanced quantum technologies and artificial intelligence technologies hybrids. We are giving you the best of both worlds. The YGB Hybrid Currency will thrive; it will push boundaries and break barriers. Our goal as Miners is to connect directly with Consumers and affix every micro/gram of tangible minerals we extract to intelligence in technology.   


Bringing 6.8 billion people onto a system of physical assets and technological assets in its digital age is perfect timing. Our focus is on individual mobile users first (consumers), then the commercial and industrial consumers. Our Hybrid has to benefit and attract everyone from the executive in New York to the rural market woman in Liberia. We are not rushing to develop our App; we will get it right. Don’t worry; we will do all the physical mining, and the App will do all the calculations and value-adding for you.                                         



As mineral extractors (miners), we want to use our 

superior exploration and mining skills to 

develop an alternative to digital currency and 

cryptocurrency. We want to use physical 

gold, platinum, silver, palladium, and  

other minerals we extract to create a 



The YGB Hybrid Currency is our 

metals and minerals affixed to a 

trusted secondary asset. 

Our focus now is Hybrid  Technologies.


I don't have much more to 

say. I decided to let our mining 

and the hard work of my teams do the talking for us. 


To me, it's simple. 


Either you can find the gold or you can't; you can mine the gold, or you can't; you got the gold, or you don't. We know we different. I will not pretend this business is easy. It's harsh, it's dangerous, it's hostile, it’s what we do. 




YGB Hybrid Currency is a valuable physical asset (i.e., gold) permanently affixed to a trusted intelligent technological asset or another valuable asset. The physical asset must be directly supplied free of any middlemen. These laws prevent anyone from stealing parts/all your profits.


Laws | Hybrid Currency Laws

Hybrid Currency Law 1: Must consist of at least two separate assets.

Hybrid Currency Law 2: Must permanently affix the physical assets and secondary (technological) assets.

Hybrid Currency Law 3: Physical assets secondary (technological) assets must belong instantly outright to the User.

Hybrid Currency Law 4: Physical assets must add instant value to a User's account upon purchase.

Hybrid Currency Law 5: An entire future growth rate amount of the physical assets and technological asset belongs instantly to the User.

Hybrid Currency Law 6: Must consist of at least one valuable physical asset in its purest form to sell (i.e., gold must be 24 karats).

Hybrid Currency Law 7: Physical assets be a profitable tangible assets regardless of the value of the performance of the secondary (technological) assets.

Hybrid Currency Law 8: Physical assets must have an immediate marketplace separate from secondary (technological) assets.

Hybrid Currency Law 9: Physical assets must be in a general sellable form for delivery to the User.

Hybrid Currency Law 10: Physical assets secondary (technological) assets must be free of any cost associated with third parties, pass-throughs, brokers, traders, warehouses, vaults, storages, safekeeping facilities, smelters, refineries, intermediaries, mints, mediators, middlemen, banks, governmental, go-betweens, etc.

Hybrid Currency Law 11: Physical assets secondary (technological) assets must be free of any loans, liens, debt, bonds, security, bills, overdue accounts, tally's, financial obligations, outstanding payments, amounts due, money owing, IOU’s, any other financial obligations, etc.

Hybrid Currency Law 12: Physical assets and secondary (technological) assets must be free of any third party agreements, judgments, outside commitments, legal obligations, any contractual hindrance.

Hybrid Currency Law 13: Physical assets secondary (technological) should not intertwine users accounts with any outside accounts;

Hybrid Currency Law 14: Physical secondary (technological) assets must record assets as separate single account.

Hybrid Currency Law 15: Physical assets convert to User’s local currency.

Hybrid Currency Law 16: Physical assets secondary (technological) assets does not need an active account to benefit from the Hybrid Currency Laws

Hybrid Currency Law 17: Physical assets must enter the system from extraction and a direct supplier.

Hybrid Currency Law 18: Affixed secondary (technological) assets is canceled if their affixed physical assets is delivered to User.

YGB Hybrid Currency Short Name: Hybrid or YGB Hybrid or HC or H-Currency



Problems | The Problem 

Gold is so expensive because the industry has up to 6 to 9 middlemen between us, the miners, and you, the customers. By the time the gold reaches the general public, 9 people have added their fees, cost, and profit market ups. They pass all those costs on to you as a customer. Why, because you've accepted to pay higher prices, hoping to cash in years later. Most of the gold and silver traded on the world market is on paper, not real metal. 


Problems | The Solution 

We extract the real metals. We are removing everybody between us, the miners and you, the customers. 


Problems | Inside Scope 

We understand that many people have no clue that miners are still extracting minerals. The truth is very few small-scale miners report their level of operations. It has more to do with business education than anything else. There are indeed millions of illegal miners, but there are also millions who do it the correct way. They are environmentally conscious and respectful. The big companies have no option but to report their operations because they are publicly traded. We know firsthand that many bigs under-report their findings. We also know that small-scalers produce more than $7.128 billion in gold per day. Not including other minerals. Got your attention now!


Problems | The War

It's not a secret that miners and brokers have been fighting for centuries. We will be the first to admit that the miners have been losing this war. We win a few battles, but ultimately the brokers are too sophisticated. They are mostly in white countries, and they wear a suit and tie. You trust them because they have better access to banks, the government, and now the internet. It doesn't matter that the entire industry is upside down and plagued with problems by miners and brokers. But you only blame the miners. Most of the small-scale miners come from black and brown countries, so what can they do?


Problems | The Youngblood Way

About 17 years ago, Dr. Raymond Youngblood, Jr., decided to address the war. Dr. Youngblood describes it as Vampires and Werewolves. Everyone loves vampires because they are attractive,  connected, and smart. No one likes werewolves because they look scary, dirty, and not attractive. But Youngblood is not a typical miner. He is a Hybrid. For years he has built connections, very intelligent, and most importantly, savvy about the industry. He has all vampires and werewolves' strengths. Not only is he able to work with bankers and government officials, but he also lives and works alongside the miners in their harsh and hostile environments. He is the best of both worlds—his solution to providing the miners and customers a better life is making them a Hybrid connection. Its been hundreds of years since miners interacted with customers directly, until now.


Problems | 4,000 And Counting

The majority of the world cannot use cryptocurrencies and limited with the use of digital currencies. Not because they lack a tangible asset like gold, but most countries around the globe lack electrical power and technical infrastructure. Then there is the issue of being able to digital mine for cryptos. The crypto is mainly for those that have the resources. Almost all of the rural areas and those in developing economies can never fully benefit. You need fast internet, smart technologies, lots of electrical power, and a single crypto platform. As of today, there are more than 4,000+. So, to signup, which one? After you signup, pray yours survive the fallout.


Problems | Connected To You Anyway

Though we are known as the best and most recognized Small-Scale Miners globally, most people are not willing to accept that the largest suppliers of gold in the world come from the most impoverished black and brown countries. We have started to engage the public directly. The world has not engaged miners now for centuries. Inevitably you use the gold and silver we extract in all modern technology, jewelry, medical, science, financial trades, and stock markets. You have likely seen gold directly from our mining efforts blinging on celebrities.


Problems | Something Real

YGB Hybrid Currency offers users something real. An actual pure tangible asset (24 karat gold and silver) to satisfy fears of cryptocurrencies’ vulnerabilities. In our system, the user DO NOT digitally mine. Why would we make you digitally mine knowing that most of the world doesn’t have the infrastructure? Our process is to signup downloading our App. This gives you full access to the Hybrid. We extract gold, silver, etc., from mines we own and support. Every gram, milligram, and microgram is permanently affixed to its own unique technological asset using quantum intelligence approaches. You, as the user, outright owns both the technological asset and the physical asset free of any hindrances or middlemen. If you wish the gold (gold, silver, etc.) fully insured, it can be shipped directly to your doorstep. 


Problems | So!

We received all kinds of warnings and threats because of our practical approach. Gold and silver is the only universal currency. We only ask one question, "Why didn't y'all do it this way?" No sense in being angry with us. Many people feel it is going to upset many upper-class cryptocurrency investors and financial brokers. So! However, these threats cannot deter us. We were crawling around in the hostile jungles the last two decades, wading through swamps, and unbearable desert heat is paying off. Just like us, those folks had the opportunity to use gold and other precious minerals to strengthen their technologies. Instead, they decided to take your money on a digital asset knowing the world lack the ability to use it. That's not a currency; that's a product. When we say currency, we mean it.


The idea of any currency is to improve local and global financial economies. To better all human life, we permit anyone to use any of our strategies to enhance or strengthen any economy. We chose not to patent anything. Again, we are not aiming to be a product. Our focus is being a universal currency.





This Strategies | Tactics | Techniques is from the actual mineral extractors' point of view. We believe that if we address the central issue, it fixes secondary problems. Sounds simple? Sometimes it is!


These 40+-pages were written in consideration to respect the multiple forms of English uses, dialects, and grammatical uses for the international communities. Simply put, it may look misspelled, but it’s not misspelled to other readers. What’s most important to us is that you understand what's going on than “program” spelled with two m's and an "e"(programme). We are not saying spelling is not important; we are saying we tried to make it universal. Focus on the strategies, tactics, and techniques people.


Thank you to all small-scale miners, a few overlooked techies, a couple of underpaid mathematicians, some focused college students, a few striving marketing gurus, several helpful non-tech old people, an inspiring photographer, a all types of economists, and lots of ordinary folks who are patiently waiting for us to roll this thing out.


Though we seem to come across as arrogantly rude in some sections, we mean no ill-intent towards anyone. We are just straight-forward, hands-on, hardworking miners. We like to call it as we see it. We expect the same in return. This document is not an offer for investment, although we have completed the appropriate fillings anticipated by the Security and Exchange Commission for this type of venture. Even though our leader is an American citizen, please don’t hold that against us. The majority of our mining operations and mineral resources are primarily outside of the United States. Let’s be honest; no one wants to read a dull white paper, regardless of its findings. We made this document as short as we could while avoiding the annoying scientific language. We tried remaining as unbiased as possible using a mix of qualitative and quantitative methods. 


Yes, yes, yes, we repeat things more than once as requested by many of our pre-readers, most of whom read from their mobile devices. The flipping back and forth for critical information was a bit annoying. 


All photos come directly from our mining operations, we own the rights to all illustrations, and if we borrowed or received permission to use a picture, we would let you know on the copyright page.


We designed it more like a one-on-one conversation, so please don’t think we couldn’t get scientific and technical. Since all cryptocurrencies use similar programming, it made no sense to explain all that. Plus, you don’t want to read that stuff anyway, right. You only want to make sure we are trustworthy and we can handle this project.


One of the most significant problems with cryptocurrencies is people don’t understand them. Our industry is serious business, but we wanted to make your learning process is a bit more friendly. So we use illustrations accompanied with content. 


A simple look at a Hybrid Currency design.


Consideration | Differences

If every company, bank, or techie is doing their own blockchain-based cryptocurrency, then what use is crypto as money. You already know that Apple will not accept Microsoft, Walmart will never take Target, Ford never Chevy, the Chinese never the US, and a cat never a dog. So are all these billions in crypto going to be expensive Monopoly game experiments? 


Right now, everyone is getting along. Cryptocurrency exchanges are friendly; expect that to change. Before 2020 there were thousands of start-up cryptocurrencies. Historically most will not survive. Some cryptos will raise money with no intention of operating. Others want to grow and sell to the surviving cryptocurrency companies. Currently, no crypto is acting in users’ interest; they are working in investors’ interest.


Users must be careful with tactics designed to fool them. If you are currently using a cryptocurrency, consider diversifying.  A Hybrid has an entirely different purpose and structure than a crypto. We are not claiming to save you from cryptocurrency. We are just different.


We based our system on a physical asset. Consider all the global factors, we know a digital (binary) code is not enough. Hybrids, a dedicated and pure hybrid with a real physical asset, will have a place among those electronics currencies that survive. We use both physical and technology.



Strategies | Definition | Strategies (Noun) 

The science and art of employing the maximum support to adopted policies. The science and art to meet the competitor under advantageous conditions. A variety of strategy use; a careful plan or method; the art of devising or employing plans toward a goal. An adaptation or complex of adaptations (behavior, metabolism, or structure) serves or appears to help an essential function achieve evolutionary success.


Strategies | Definition | YGB Hybrid Currency Technological Systems (Noun)

When we create anything, we consider as many of The Youngblood 50 S’s that can fit into a plan or systems, such as the fees listed here: Security | Speedy | Surety | Surplus | Success | Simplicity Sync | Skillful | Stability | Supportive | Strength | Soulfulness. The YGB Hybrid Currency Systems will take advantage of mixing and exploring through any technologies and systems available, operating 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, consistently computing and affixing based on the Physical Assets to Technological Assets. With additional Assets to be added to the system later on. The nature of the methods is like nothing else that exists. In our case, it’s a matter of basing the design on Physical Assets that allows a person a level of comfort and trust. In essence, we are creating more value to the Physical Asset by removing all middlemen and adding merits to the associated value by affixing the Technological Asset.  What we have done is apply these theories to our mining and processing of minerals. We have given the minerals the smallest value of microgram and the largest a kilogram.


Strategies | Definition | Quantum Intelligence (Noun) 

Quantum is a Latin word for “amount.” In our case, it’s going to mean the smallest possible discrete denomination of any Physical Asset, amount of energy output, and other outcomes. The principles of Quantum Intelligence focus on developing a technology based on the smallest units’ principles, energy, behavior, and value to the consumer markets, industrial markets, and commercial markets using the most robust and most primitive technology. Quantum Intelligence is intended to reach the global audience regardless of the rural market woman in Liberia or the high power executive in New York. New creations are essential.  


Strategies | Technological Denominations 

The system Compose, Process, and Affix itself to a selected Community Technological Use:

    • Gram (g) of mineral
    • Milligram (mg) of mineral
    • Microgram (mcg) of mineral 














Strategies | Formulas 

All formulas are considered confidential We affixed a level of mathematics formulas to each gram, milligram, and microgram of minerals we extract. A value of the currency will be applied to each asset separately. To ensure a User's Account is appropriately and fairly credited, we have specific formulas. These formulas including but are not limited to considering industry pricing, personal clients, several different world mineral markets. Globally trading prices of gold, silver, and other precious minerals are readily available.) Precious stones, gems, and rare earths' require more specific and unique formulas. We created formulas, new concepts and used industry-standard.


Physical Assets shall be recorded and displayed in Amount, Market Value, Sell Price, Weight Amount, Karats, Shape, Vault Location, Amount Available, Expected Future Trend Value, and other viable display options.



1 kilogram (kg) = 1,000 gram (g)

1 kilogram (kg) = 1,000,000 milligram (mg)

1 kilogram (kg) = 1,000,000,000 micrograms (mcg)

1 gram (g)  = 0.001 kilogram (kg)

1 gram (g) = 1,000 milligram (mg)

1 gram (g) = 1,000,000 microgram (mcg



1 milligram (mg)  = 0.000001 kilogram (kg)

1 milligram (mg)  = 0.001 gram (g)

1 milligram (mg)  = 1,000 microgram (mcg)

1 microgram (mg)  = 0.000000001 kilogram (kg)

1 microgram (mg)  = 0.000001 gram (g)

1 microgram (mg)  = 0.001 milligram (mg)



World market information will display the value in gram and kilogram. Users Wallet will display data in microgram, milligram, and gram. 


Strategies | Internet Security

No system is without concerns. We will put forth every effort to secure any entry.

Strategies | Quantum Shortfalls 

Physical processes in quantum technologies are not in line with quantum mechanics. As of today and to our knowledge, no research suggests quantitatively that physical processing is available. We are not asking quantum technologies to quantify their ability to processes Physical Assets. To be more precise, we will utilize quantum technologies on Physical Assets as an assignment system, including but not limited to assign, track, secure, suggest technological assets best uses. 


New concepts are needed to push the boundaries of quantum technologies. Some of these concepts, specifically our Hybrid, are quantum-specific. We have few other projects to focus on in the future.


Strategies | YGB Technological Lifecycle (Quantum, A.I., Coded, Etc.)

Complete data management of our technical lifecycle system is divided into multiple workflow steps. We will only share a few steps.

  • Physical Assets (minerals are mined) enters the Hybrid System as units of data similar to workflow execution (physical mining). Technological Assets represent data | objects | functions. 
  • Each steps in each workflow create Technological Assets (On hand | In Production | In Future) Each steps in the workflow is divided into denominations of mcg | mg | g before the step. 
  • Each process is done for each of the Technological Assets and Physical Assets.







Correlation is used to affix the output tasks from the workflow executions. Each step towards the technological assets will follow a specific flow as its processed. It is also this process that's used to confirm Technological security concerns and or approve the amount of mcg, mg, or in the system. 


Aggregation is converting Technological and Physical Assets from their natural form into value  suitable to a locale. This process is typical in all conversion technologies. We tweaked the format of our Hybrid as two simultaneous conversions. The arrangement of tasks, algorithms, and processes will depend on our parameters. We don't know yet which direction we will go with the hardware; we have many options. It will likely depend on how we chose to automate.


Simply, we know we have to create formulas, process, implement new algorithms, distribute to  new platforms, decipher data output, and organize in a data database. On top of that, we will then decide the best way to use the data. All while exploring quantum, A.I., coded technologies, and older technologies. This all needs to be done keeping everything on task and in a sequence. Tooling to help uncover problems quickly means visibility into the current and future processes.


Strategies | Physical Process Is Responsible For 

    • Tracking the selected amount of minerals
    • Matching its physical location and login it in the system
    • Ensuring it in the Users Account 
    • Taking an technical intelligent “Approach to better benefit the User


Strategies | Identifying The Users 

    • To optimize use of the account 
    • To avoid issues and hacking
    • To ensure the User experience 
    • To gather data to advance the user in the system to earn more value 
    • To recognize location to optimize energy efficiency of the device 
    • To issue warnings and safeguards before trading or spending 


Strategies | The Community

    • Deploy and scale based on Community Activities 
    • Optimizing samples of risk to resolve issues based on Community Complaints 
    • Measure for assets pricing based on the Community Behaviors 
    • Wallet optimization of each member of the Community
    • Improved asset through optimization results from the Community 
    • Allocated based on analysis and results from the Community 


Strategies | Simulation For New Systems

    • Assisting in ongoing pricing
    • Assisting in credit valuation 
    • Assisting in adjustments
    • Use propagation for multi-assets of On Hand | In Production | In Future
    • Accelerate sampling to process for risk 
    • Analysis all know risk and simulate for unusual 


Strategies | Learning | Modeling

    • Improve all models to real time under stress 
    • Design simultaneously attacks to improve fraud detection
    • Improve financial data using Hybrid Style Optimization (the way a miner would)
    • Consistently scale up to improve User experience 
    • Model against, for, and through competitors 


Strategies | Bobbies Boys | Double Backing

Classical algorithms and traditional blockchain are not enough. Hybrid Technologies will allow us to do problem-solving set years into the future. Hybrid Technologies is unique by introducing multiple principles of mechanics, physics, computing, other technologies, and older technologies. 


See Hybrid Technologies in the way you see Quantum Intelligence bits in traditional computing that’s switched on or off relating to 0’s and 1’s. These 0’s and 1’s don’t have to consistently be recognized as qubits such as electrons, 01, and 10 forms to connect to lower and upper energy levels. The energy can be transformed into other formats, and it can serve in multiple value services inside the community. The stored energy and output can be represented by qubit bits, including the time it takes to calculate itself. We call this process “Double Backing On Its Self.”


When the energy is lost or taken advantage of, we call this process “Bobbie Boys.” All the energy is used in a normal situation, but it does not receive value. But it's owed value that needs to be collected. Bobbie Boys is when the system worked previously and never got a value-added, but the results are recorded or recordable. In this case, an artist could have performed work and never got their total value. If on the Hybrid, that artist could allow the Hybrid Currency Owners to use the current value of their work to earn and be paid restitution for what the work should have earned. All operations will be processed forward because time spent is not recoverable. The Quantum process has the computation power to process this information for billions of people entering the Hybrid Currency System, including their transactions and behavior. Artificial Intelligence can turn the processes into visualizations.  


Strategies | Algorithm Creation

We developing specific algorithms to perform tasks specifically for the YGB Hybrid Currency.


Strategies | Popularity To The Public 

This is the first time you are introduced to the Hybrid Currency System. It is pretty simple. Don’t overthink it. We upload the value of valuable physical assets into the system, and you spend the value. Simple.





Strategies | Low-Temperature Needs for Quantum 

A temperature of negative 460 degrees F is the lowest temperature of the universe, and it is not easy to maintain this temperature. As of today, many companies and institutions of higher learning are building their quantum technologies. Its been figured out.


Strategies | Technology Uncertainties 

We chose quantum, A.I., coded, and any other technologies that keep us modern and competitive Just like mining for gold, you either can, or you are buying it from someone who can. We have a secret to share with you. We are not asking quantum to predict; we are giving quantum the truths, the information and asking it to only affix, at its time. We will use other technologies to help in the behaviors and situations. We plan to visualize each outcome, utilize every wave, simplify the complexity, and label all the superimposed layers with visual imagery.


Definition | Tactics (Noun) 

Is the science, methods, and art of disposing and maneuvering to getting something done or completing a project. 


Hybrid Technologies is best suited for our identity and tactics. Our approach is not like everyone else’s because we are not like anyone else.

    • Pin down project details to ensure that we have a solid foundation. 
    • We are preparing our team to enforce the strategies. 
    • We need only to adjust the team for the best interest of the Hybrid. 
    • Ensure clarity about tasks to be the most efficient.
    • Set realistic expectations by establishing measurable criteria. 
    • Set and adjust new milestones making sure staff don't fade away from the project’s goals.
    • Ensure staff embraces the roles of Leaders and Staff. 
    • Assign specific tasks to specific teams and individuals, no multitasking. 
    • Promote positive thinking and continuously inspiring. 
    • Reward success and implement punishment fairly. 
    • Set realistic timelines and ensuring we stay on the timelines.
    • Create new task and and update older tasks.
    • Keep the communication open and diverse.
    • Maintain written pertinent documentation.
    • Address all problems that arise as soon as they appear.
    • Keep all projects on the Youngblood Way of Time, Scope, and Cost.



Tactics | Trusting Cryptos 

Our teams and partners will build the best system using a diverse selection of Hybrid Technologies. Few people trust cryptocurrency. People need to understand cryptos is a product “trying” to be a currency. They need to take it for what it is. We will also use our technologies to pinpoint new problems. Our strengths will be in training, partnerships, and advancement in technologies.


Tactics | Proof of Concept

We have already run a few test samples, and we want to expand the test group to approximately 25,000 transactions over a few weeks. We have identified some minor problems that require simple solutions. We are creating a system layout, which we will not share here. This stage aims to test business-relevant problems in real-time conditions, including expert involvement to help us understand consumer anxiety and behaviors. We will create a hands-on training guide for each team. Test, through the whole Community is expected to be the only way to know honestly.  


Tactics | Pre-Test

We will move from pre-test to live. This stage requires a full introduction of the system regardless if ready or not. We want to stress test the system with thousands of transactions per second. Only the Community and the Systems will go full blast for multiple hours, days, then several weeks.


Tactics | Going Live

Going live is open to the world. No turning back at this point, no shutting down; everything will be fixed on the go. Users who have problems not discovered during the first three stages will have to be dealt with individually. 




































Definition | Mining (Noun) 

Mining is the process used to extract minerals and resources from the earth. Extract non-renewable resources like fossil fuels, minerals, and water. These minerals are known as deposits, usually an orebody, lode, vein, seam, reef, or placer deposit. There are four primary methods of mining: underground, surface, placer, and in-situ. The mining method depends on the mineral's difficulty, social and political factors, capital resources, and other factors. Mining is normally associated with Hard Rock (extraction, crushing, processing rocks) or Alluvial (extraction, processing loose earth).


Definition | Underground Mining (Noun)

It can be costly and is typically used to get too deep mineral deposits. Underground mining involves digging down into the earth, creating tunnels or building out shafts to reach deposits of resources. The minerals are typically referred to as ore and brought up on conveyor systems, lifts, train carts, or buckets. Various underground mining techniques for extraction are used, such as drift mining using horizontal tunnels or slope mining using diagonal shafts.


Definition | Surface Mining (Noun) 

The two most used of surface mining are open-pit mining and strip mining. Surface mining may involve removing overburdened of trees, plant life, soil, and bedrock to access minerals deposits. Surface mining is normally used for shallow deposits.

    • Open-pit mining is digging out earth of rocks, dirt, trees to create a hole (open pit or borrow pit). The minerals deposit is then extracted. Open-pit mines can have stepped sides to minimize the risks associated with collapse. Large earth ramps are customarily created for heavy equipment. Water pumps or trenches are used to remove water from the pit. After the mineral is extracted, the pit is used to improve farmland and create water reservoirs or landfills for solid wastes.
    • Strip mining is often used to extract shallow mineral deposits. Layers of earth are removed one layer at a time. The top layer of soil and rock is stripped by a dragline, industrial shovel, or scraper to uncover mineral deposits.


Definition | Placer Mining (Noun)

Placer mining is normally done underwater deposits, riverbeds, sands, loose earth, or other sedimentary environments. It usually uses a sifting process to extract mineral deposits from sediments. This includes hand panning to full mechanized operations. 


Definition | In-Situ Mining (Noun) 

As known as solution mining, in-situ mining involves pumping chemicals underground to dissolve the mineral deposits. This solution process is called a pregnant solution to take the mineral back up to the surface. The chemical is removed to recover minerals. This technique is mainly used in uranium mining.


Definition | Dredging Mining (Noun) 

Dredging typically includes mechanical, hydraulic, and airlift for extracting mineral deposits. Dredging requires removing sediments and debris from the bottom of oceans, lakes, rivers, harbors, and other water bodies. The natural process of sand and silt washing downstream harbors minerals deposit for extraction.

Definition | Youngblood Industries Mining  (Noun)

The jungle, the desert, the Amazon in the most harshest conditions and most hostile environments we explore and extract minerals. We have established ourselves as a fully committed mineral extractor. Our focus is on precious minerals, rare earth elements, and to develop our Small-Scale Mining partners. It's crucial that you understand we do 100% of our mineral extraction (mining), exploration, timber clearing, smelting processing, and facilities build-outs. We fabricate more than 70% of our equipment. We know the future of mining lies within the ocean floors, the deepest jungles, in vast deserts, and on meteorites. We plan to extend our reach.


Definition | Tactics (Noun)

a device for accomplishing an end: a method of employing forces in combat (Adjective): of or relating to arrangement or order; of, relating to, or having (such) an arrangement or pattern


Definition | Techniques (Noun)

the manner in which technical details are treated or basic physical movements are used; ability to treat such details or use such movements; a body of technical methods as in a craft or in scientific research; a method of accomplishing a desired aim













Strategies | Scouting | Due Diligence

Locating the minerals is critical. We have done this at multiple sites. Other factors include but are not limited to a country’s stability, political climate, and location. We put scouts on the ground incognito to conduct research. They let us know how difficult it’s going to be to operate, send equipment, navigate the political climate, etc. After scouting a country for pros and cons, filing paperwork, getting the right permits, taking soil samples, we prepare to explore. Exploration is when we look for minerals. We make sure it’s profitable to extract. At this point, we are just  preparing for prospecting. This is the time for as much due diligence as possible. 






























Strategies | Property | Prospecting 

At this point, we ensure financing is secure. Create banking arrangements (currency exchange and type of bank accounts). Conduct hands-on/on-the-ground due diligence. Understand the governmental systems to acquire land versus minerals rights. We are acquiring land versus access to land, obtaining the license (Reconnaissance, Prospecting, Mining, and Export License).  Getting permission (acquire minerals rights from Central Government). Respect Visit (Tradition/Local Government). We monitor and plan for illegal miners in the area and on the property. We settle disputes, make announcements, and create community awareness. We know exactly where to start mining before we fully commit. We do full exploration planning and operations.





























Strategies | Testing | Training | Agreements

At this point, mineral samples are taking to several different labs. We do this to ensure the most accurate review of what minerals deposit and calculate the approximate amount. We work out all the social corporate responsibility terms to ensure proper agreements fit all party's ability to perform. At this point, we also try to hire as many local people as possible. We set up training and other personnel matters. We set up offices, start purchasing heavy equipment, tools, and machinery. Equipment is shipped, roads and bridges are prepared, and trucking in living supplies, food, furnishings, and office equipment. Secure all land and facilities for long-term use. We educate on the processes, procedures, safety, timelines of the company and sites. We conduct continuous training for site personnel, equipment operators, safety precautions, and procedures. We educate and train on the EPA, governmental laws, and sensitive environmental concerns. We re-enforce  with supervision, record keeping, awards, recognitions, and discipline.


























Strategies | Diet | Mining | By-Products

One of the most overlooked severe stages of these operations is proper diets. The work is hard and long, so a good healthy diet is a crucial factor. We do our best to use local foods. There will be many distractions and problems, but we keep moving forward.


Now we start mining; we take advantage of By-Products (other valuable minerals or resources). After mining, follow-up is agriculture-reclamation of the land.































Strategies | Community | Identify Sites 

At this point, we start some community development. As we make money, we begin to create budgets for new locations. We make sure to pay our people well and improve our site equipment. We take time to celebrate our successes. Then we find a new site and start the entire process, again.



































Minerals deposits can lay in every country and setting. Underneath your house, in the city, in a jungle, or underneath a highway. The legal rights to extract these minerals depend on the country.


































Definition | Resources, And Reserve  

A resource is something in reserve or ready if needed, has been adapted for mineral and energy resources to comprise all materials, including those only surmised to exist, that have present or anticipated future value.


Definition | Resources

Is a concentration of naturally occurring solid, liquid, or gaseous material in or on the Earth's crust in such form and amount that economic extraction of a commodity from the concentration is currently or potentially feasible.


Definition | Original Resource

Is the amount of a resource before production.


Definition | Identified Resources

Is location, grade, quality, and quantity are known or estimated from specific geologic evidence, including economic, marginally economic, and sub-economic components. 


Definition | Measured

s computed from dimensions revealed in outcrops, trenches, workings, or drill holes; grade and(or) quality are computed from detailed sampling results. The sites for inspection, sampling, and measurement are spaced so closely, and the geologic character is so well defined that size, shape, depth, and mineral content of the resource are well established.


Definition | Indicated Quantity 

Is grade and(or) quality are computed from information similar to that used for measured resources, but the sites for inspection, sampling, and measurement are farther apart or are otherwise less adequately spaced. Although lower than that for measured resources, the degree of assurance is high enough to assume continuity between points of observation.


Definition | Inferred 

Are estimates based on an assumed continuity beyond measured and(or) indicated resources, for which there is geologic evidence. Inferred resources may or may not be supported by samples or measurements.

After all the paperwork is complete, we start some form of exploration. Exploration allows us to identify the mineral deposit location, depth, material associated, purity, etc. Exploration is done in a variety of ways. We are using high-tech equipment, hand pitting, or a combination of both. We grid the area using geological coordinates, by air, satellite, or on the ground.


































Sometimes we can do geothermal imagery work that includes Geophysics: Anal-Signal,  K+Geology, Thorium, and TMI Geology.




































We drill holes to take soil samples. We do bulk sampling. We ensure every drilled hole and  hand-dug pit characteristics are recorded. 



































Sometimes before mining, we need to cut and sell the timber. As a miner, you need to know how to do many things. Cut lumber, haul, build roads and bridges, housing, etc. 









































































Each hole is identified by location, labeled,  





































Full itemized budgets are matched to exploration reports and mining expectations. The calculations are as precise as possible. This includes weight, time cycle, hardness, power and fuel use, depth,  distance, efficiency, hours/days work, capacity, ratio, etc.



































Full itemized budgets are matched to people, machines, tools, contractors, etc. The calculations are  as precise as possible by the number of people and items, weight, capacity, etc.



























































Each site requires proof of permits addressing environmental concerns. Appropriate governmental  agencies must grant permits and specific licenses. 




































Mining scale is a blueprint that shows our most profitable methods and techniques. The entire extraction and processing system is scaled. 




















































































































































The strategic framework/analysis is one-common shorthand for pinpointing Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats, commonly known as a “SWOT Analysis.” We have been in a Research Investigation ~ Opportunity Analysis (RI~OA) mode for the past 64 months to process and analyze the pertinent aspects of the currency industry. 

    • We have defined the future of the project; 
    • describe the critical path from where the operations needs to go; 
    • what we need to do, prioritize the first few steps of that critical path;
    • provide clearer understandings that allowed us the advantage to progress and evolve, and
    • always continue reviewing and adjusting strategies, tactics, and techniques.  

SWOT Analysis | Strengths

YGB primary strengths are relative to the mining projects and the technological as secondary projects. Most digital asset strength is in their code, ours in the minerals. We face no threat if the technology falters. Our Users hold gold and other minerals, all rights and value. Our list of strengths are endless, but we decided to give you a few.

These are: 

    • We own the mining concessions, all minerals rights, and other minerals 
    • Our relationship with the governments is superb
    • Work directly with the Heads of State, Paramount Chiefs, Tribal Leaders, Village Elders
    • Digital currencies are seeing serges in global markets
    • Many large companies have announced their use or acceptance of digital money, such as Microsoft, Tesla, Burger King, At&T, Visa, Master Card, Dallas Mavericks, etc.
    • The Hybrid is a double currency with a physical asset and technological asset 
    • Supplying the general public the present international economy is hugely commodities inefficient; this provides room for rapid growth
    • Our mineral properties have proven reserves
    • We are debt-free 
    • All of the technologies and equipment needed in the short term already exist and are ready for large-scale deployment
    • Our miners and craftsmen’s are among the best in the world
    • Buyers are becoming in abundance due to the global crisis
    • Gold and other precious minerals we extract is at an all-time high
    • Gold is expected to reach $2520+ per ounce as it had already increased more than 100% six years ago
    • We are able to extract directly to ensure supply from 11 countries
    • Countries from which we can extract gold have stable governments
    • Once we complete a mining project, we utilize the land through land reclamation 


Our weaknesses are the main aspects of the stereotype of mining in black and brown countries. We are mining, but we still doubters. Some stereotypes will change quickly in response to the more we market our progress. These are: 

    • The general public ignorance or denial that gold and other minerals come from mining.
    • The association of bad things must come from black and brown countries. 
    • Our industry is saturated with intermediaries and brokers types.
    • Jungle mining is associated with acts of violence.
    • The association of digital currency and criminal. 
    • Existing negative mindsets (conventional wisdom) about digital currencies efficiencies.
    • No international regulations exist to govern digital asset. 
    • Local governments do not understand the technologies associated with digital currency.
    • Misconception evident in international laws and deregulation of digital currency.
    • Buyers/investors not fully understanding real gold mining and quantum technologies.


The current digital currencies and cryptocurrencies are just digital assets, no physical assets. The most significant opportunity is that we have gateways to more mineralized lands; it's safe to say we have an endless supply of gold and precious minerals. These are:

    • We have full access to large groups of small small-scale miners. This is very risky for anyone else.
    • User growth through minerals is doable into the billions of Users with our current system design.
    • We have access to a global market of miners.
    • We have to ability to extract on a commercial scale.
    • We can make a difference through new minerals other than gold.
    • Our growth is only limited to our mining growth.


The primary threat is the general people not understanding that our system is affixed to a physical asset and a technological Asset. Over 50 to 60 years, our natural resources' availability will decrease if we don’t expand our reach. These are:

    • For Users, the threat is higher as Brokers will enter the market pretending to be direct mineral extractors. The man in a suit and tie has always managed to lure people away from the man with a shovel.
    • People do not understand that today’s cryptos are products and not currencies.
    • Perhaps the worst threat is the lie about the depletion of gold and other precious metals and precious stones/gems. The locations of large supplies are located in more hostile places. We already there!






A Hybrid Currency’s primary objective is to be a currency. A hybrid has at least two assets. The first asset must be tangible, immediately valuable, and self-sustaining. Another asset is a technological asset. The technological asset and the physical asset are permanently affixed. This is a safeguard against unsafe and volatile technologies.


Hybrid Currency | Currency Types (Products)

Our Hybrid Currency is divided into three currency categories. The cost to Users depends on our operating process, the categories, and timeline. Each category is priced below the world market price. For example, Gold purchased through On Hand is 2% -6% below, In Production is 4%-9%, and In Future is 7%-12% below world market prices. The day you buy, you are profitable. Only the miner can achieve this..


 On Hand, are pure or 24 karat minerals coming from the processing plant’s smelting process.  On Hand is always represented by a green triangle. The characteristics (i.e., identity, purity, etc.) are feed into the Hybrid System in specific amounts of grams, milligrams, micrograms to be affixed to Technological Assets. For long-term or short-term vaulted storage, the minerals are divided into bars, rounds, or droplets. Delivery of the physical asset is 1 to 27 days..


 In Production, are mineralized ore coming from the mines to the processing  plant. In Production is represented by a yellow triangle. After smelting, the characteristics (i.e., identity, purity, etc.) are feed into the Hybrid System in specific amounts of grams, milligrams, micrograms to be affixed to Technological Assets. For vaulted storage, the minerals are smelted into bars, rounds, or droplets. Delivery of the physical asset is 3 to 52 days..


 In Future, are the minerals still in the ground awaiting extraction. We remove these minerals as needed to supply our Hybrid or sell to a buyer. In Future is represented by a red circle. We use the Measured Process of exploration to determine the In Future minerals’ characteristics (i.e., identity, purity, etc.). These characteristics are feed into the Hybrid System in specific amounts of grams, milligrams, micrograms to be affixed to Technological Assets. Physical Asset delivery: 98 to 144 days..


Hybrid Currency | Discounts “Not Our Thing”

We do not use discounted rates on any of our physical assets. We base our prices on our operational needs, future plans, and Users' Wallet. 


If our Users are not making money, we won’t make money. 

We understand that non-miners normalcy is discounting from the world market prices; we don‘t worry too much about the global prices based on paper trades. Paper trades is how most precious minerals like gold and silver are traded. We can‘t compete with what they put on paper. On paper, they can add a few zeros at the end. Real mining doesn‘t work like that. We are actual miners, so we do actual labor. We‘re not digitally mining either. We can‘t compete with someone using a computer to find codes. In the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, that‘s mining to them.


We mine using heavy machinery, with professional miners, with blood, sweat, and mosquitoes. So the paper gold is just that; on paper and digital mining are only codes. It‘s a good hustle, but it‘s not how we plan to do it. The world market prices are based on brokering, not mining. Ours is based on mining. We view our Users as Hybrid Currency Owners, not traders or brokers. 


Immediately as owners, Users share a certain percentage of profits with us. We know that our operating cost is less than the world market price for minerals. We know that if a User remains close to us, they can profit with us. For example, if User purchases through On Hand, In Production, or In Future, the minerals enter their Wallet profitable above global prices.


Hybrid Currency | Risky

We have taken all the significant risks, securing the land, finding the minerals, extracting the minerals, processing the minerals, and vaulting. We want a great life, so we know you need a great life. We only promise to do what we say. To build anything in this day and age, you need a strong support group. We want to develop this with you, our Users. Together we can do it; at least that's how we feel. 


We strong because a valuable 24 karat precious mineral permanently affixed will:

    • Help hold value for the physical assets and technological assets 
    • Increase in value over time
    • Build trust for the system with other Users
    • Be more secured through hard times
    • Help with inflation
    • Convertible to cash in any currency in the world  
    • You can take ownership without penalties
    • The physical asset has its own value
    • The technological asset grows in value as the community grows


Hybrid Currency | Delivery 

The physical asset will be delivered securely, packaged, and insured via United States Postal Service (USPS) First Class Priority Mai and Priority Mail International. First Class can arrive between 7–21 days in combination of ground or air. U.S. Mail is protected by more than 200 federal laws enforced by the Postal Inspection Service enforcement agencies. No matter how you feel about USPS, they still a government agency. To temper with any mail is a federal offense. Your cousin steals your gold; they are going to jail. Your grandmother hides the mail; she is going to jail. If a criminal tamper with the mail, they go to prison. We will prosecute every case regardless of the amount. 


USPS serves as a foundation for delivery and carries the U.S. Federal, State, or Local Government weight. Its national and international reach allows us to connect to 190 countries. The Postal Service employs more than 97,000 military veterans and is one of the country’s largest employers.


USPS has a $1.6 trillion budget employing 7.3 million people. USPS will still deliver through disaster, catastrophe hurricanes, floods, pandemic, earthquakes, etc. USPS has a delivery contingency plans to recover and restart delivery through the air, over the sea, or on the ground.

USPS has resources, networks, infrastructure, and logistical capability to deliver to every residential and business.


The Postal Service processes and delivers 48 percent of the world’s mail. They have more than 228,000 vehicles with great flexibility to deliver to remote locations. Even when they compete or collaborate with UPS, DHL FedEx, and others to deliver hundreds of millions of their ground packages, USPS use UPS and FedEx for air delivery.


Hybrid Currency | Easy Questions

    • A user can earn as much Hybrid Currency as they wish.
    • A user owns the physical asset and the technological asset. 
    • Each asset will be stored and recorded as individual assets in the Wallet accounts. 
    • Users can own single or multiple accounts attached to the same user name. 
    • Its technological asset will always represent any transaction, at any time, anywhere in the world using our Hybrid Currency: 
    • The technological asset is permanently allocated a specific amount (g, mg, mcg) of the precious mineral. 
    • The physical asset and the technological asset are spent or traded as a single transaction.
    • The account software will do the hard calculations for you, ensuring you make or receive correct transactions and records.
    • The account will be able to do all global currencies. 
    • Immediately after a transaction, the physical asset and the technological asset will be converted to cash and recorded in the User’s Wallet.
    • A user can transact partial value or full value of any physical asset or technological asset in value amounts. The system will automatically record, subtract, or add to the account.
    • The value of the technological asset and physical asset will be rationally equivalent when transferred. The remaining technological value and physical value amount will remain in the User’s Wallet.
    • Any profits earned from interest, precious metal rise in value, or transaction sharing fees will belong outright to the User.
    • The User can request the physical asset (gold or silver) be mailed (insured and USPS First-class mail) to their address on file anywhere in the world.


Hybrid Currency | Physical Asset  

The amount of physical assets available is determined by the extraction and processing amount. Our ownership of mineralized land is plenty.  We plan to keep the system supply consistent. These are essential factors for users to know and understand. On our platform, we will make it simple to understand. Your Wallet will show On Hand, In Production, and In Future on your computer or mobile screen. You can start purchasing any of them at any time. We will also display the current mineral value as well as the expected future value. We will store all the physical assets until it is used or requested by the user. 


All the cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ripple, Ether, Litecoin, etc.) have no physical asset value. They now depend on trust from the user community, propaganda, and active marketing of the industry. The ONLY reason they have any real value is the blockchain community says so. So if we were smart, our community has a real tangible asset and the technological asset. We can make ours more valuable.   The fundamental questions to address is:

    • How much should our IHO (Initial Hybrid Offering) be worth?
    • How much should $1 US dollar or less of gold be worth with a technological asset considering a Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has zip, zero, zilch physical value?
    • How much physical asset (gold) to affix?
    • How much is fair?
    • Should we affix a permanent amount or prorate?


Questions are a lot easier to ask than answer. Is it fair to permanently affixed On Hand at 1% to 4% or  0.001% to 0.05%? 24 karat gold, silver is currency.  What we took into consideration was the following factors:

    • At NO-TIME can the hybrid be without a respectable amount of physical assets.
    • Since we extract the physical asset ourselves, the price is LESS than the world market price (we are free of middlemen, brokers, traders, and banks).
    • The amount of the physical asset MUST provide an immediate value; if a User purchases today, they can sell at a profit today. 
    • A quantity of physical assets CANNOT be valued less than mining and processing cost.
    • Based on a single microgram, milligram, gram valuation should consider the expense or buy-in for the AVERAGE user.
    • When a user wants MORE physical assets, they could purchase through On Hand, In Production, or In Future or all three.
    • The price of precious minerals changes MANY times in a day, so our formulas and APIs must consider this factor.


We decided that the formula should be adjustable to benefit users now and in the future. The cost of the physical asset to the user is based on selling to get cash or using it from their wallets. The gap in the percentage allows adjustments in the mining production and processing cost. The formula is within the calculations to keep Users profitable. Before we allow you to purchase at a loss, we will halt production. Our operations are already well below market price. Gold and silver will have to lose 85% of their value before we are financially hurt.


No worries, the software will do all the calculations and algorithms. You swipe and click, thats it. A simple click to obtain the physical assets, convert to cash, trade, pay, or receive. Value-based on the world market price for you, not for us. If a user decides to cash in their gold or other physical assets, we record the value at the world market price at the moment of the request. The user receives a report, and the gold or silver will arrive insured at the allotted time. Why? We want to be the best and most used Hybrid Currency. The more you gain and use our system, the better it is for you and us.

Hybrid Currency | True Hybrid

True hybrids can address the lack of trust in cryptocurrencies. The compliment of physical assets affixed to technological assets can balance fears. 


The user must recognize a  true hybrid. A true hybrid cannot devalue the tangible asset with intermediaries (i.e., broker or trader) depleting the value. Then there are the future’s tricks. A user is asked to spend money today to profit from the physical asset at a future date. 


Unlike a cryptocurrency, the Hybrid Currency addresses global electricity concerns, currency exchange barriers, blockchain access, and additional profitable channels. A user must insist that a hybrid allows them to outright owned the physical asset free of third-party obligations. The user must be able to take possession of the tangible asset. The physical asset must have a readily separate market. The user should be profitable upon purchase, not years later.


Hybrid Currency | Problems

Does the Hybrid have problems? Of course! There are many significant concerns to address within the quantum technologies industry and, for sure, the Hybrid Currency industry. One of the downfalls of being the first and only one is discovering all the problems yourself. Our advantage is to address these problems as quickly as possible.

  • Shifting governmental laws and political instability can affect the operations and future of any currency. In other words, a government can change the rules that hurt your investment in the Hybrid. It is not a big deal until it happens, but it does happen from time-to-time. We have to plan for it in advance. We have people dedicated to tracking these governmental policies. One offset we have to combat interruptions is your physical asset is yours for life; you don't lose with a Hybrid.
  • The lack of respect people have for the entire process of digital monies. Many people don’t see the value in a code, smart contract, coin, application, token, alt-coin, or any other name you want to give. Permanently affixing our physical assets protects your technological assets.
  • Criminals like gold and now digital monies using technology's secrecy to launder money or do other bad things. It happens in every country with every type of currency, but they really like blockchain. We have to be on the lookout and report criminal activities to the authorities. We have created a written Anti-Money Laundering Counter-Terrorist Financing Plan. 
  • Digital technologies depend faithfully on electricity. In reality, cryptography or any digital monies lacks a real global audience. Considering so many countries have unstable electricity grids. These same countries with unstable power grids are loaded with gold and other minerals. We plan to allow the Users to use analog mobile equipment and a dedicated call-in transaction line. Yes, just like in the old days. 
  • Cyber attacks and cyber fraud happen all the time. Our tech teams have to stay on top of the attacks. We have to be the proactive aggressor.
  • Race and ethnicity plays a role as our teams are diverse in race, culture, and gender. Majority of gold produced for the general markets comes from Africa and South America. Let it sink in that the most significant gold consumers reside outside Africa and South America. 
  • Intermediaries (broker, middlemen) plague the industry, some good, most are not. Our plan includes minor contact with Bush Level Brokers, mainly because of their connection to miners.
  • The identity of a blockchain is to show the user that one is different from the other. For example, some experts refer to a code as a smart contract or a token. In reality, they are all the same. The different terms are only for marketing to the public to seem important. It's just confusing. Our Hybrid is always a Hybrid. 
  • Transfer the technological asset to cash based on the user's country. In the beginning, this may pose as difficult. WE will cash out in the most available currency and transfer it to our Users. Our Hybrid System offers currency protection through precious metals.
  • During the rainy season, the mines will produce slightly less precious minerals. We can increase gold production through the dry season to offset the rainy season.


Hybrid Currency | Hybrid Concept

Dr. Raymond Youngblood, Jr. is considered the best small-scale miner in the world. His ability to explore for minerals in the most hostile environments has created many folklores. He introduced the hit show concept, "Gold Rush," formerly "Gold Rush Alaska," to Discovery Channel. His skills to find and extract minerals in the harshest and most savage of conditions are legendary. The State of Louisiana House of Representatives recognizes him as the only Black American Gold Miner in the world. A bestowed Paramount Chief (King), Dr. Youngblood, represents the small-scale miners' fiber and soul. Small-scale miners produce 33% of the world market's gold, averaging $7.128 billion US dollars per day, not considering the other mineral's value. 


In 2002, Dr. Youngblood visualized small-scale miners developing their communities using their gold, diamonds, rare earth elements, and other precious minerals. The miners nor their communities, unfortunately, are not reaping the wealth generated from those valuable minerals. The people who do the least amount of work, such as the middlemen, brokers, traders, and bankers, are raking in trillions of dollars. The hands-on people like the small-scale miners, Dr. Youngblood, and the mining communities knew this need to change. This brought on the concept of the YGB Hybrid Currency.





Dr. Raymond Youngblood, Jr.: 

First thing first, we need to educate the customers of the precious minerals community to trust us. Then we need to cut out the middleman and come straight to us miners. When a person first learns of cryptocurrency, it sounds a bit shaky and fake. So, I thought, how could this cryptocurrency have the respect of the world in such a short time. Is it generated from some college kid's computer in a dorm room? Ummm, I don't know. Then I thought about my past. As a gold miner, I was familiar with people calling me fake, a scammer, or a fool. I am the real deal… and yet they call me a scammer. If I have the respect of the small-scale miners, heads-of-state, international experts, and later become an award-winning gold miner, why not the customers. Not to be a cynical hypocrite, I decided to investigate cryptocurrency, how money moves, how fraud and greed occur around the money, etc. Why is it that I have money in a bank, but I have the least amount of control over my own money? Why? It's the same reason they called me a scammer and a fake. Is it because I produce gold from my goldfields. If people couldn't control me or my gold, they tried to discredit me. It didn't work because I still hold 100% of the gold, the goldfields, and the miners respect me. Now that I see the future in new technologies towards currencies, I needed to know more. I work internationally, so I noticed the limitations as well. Realistically, not everyone will appreciate a computer code on its own no matter how securely it’s obtained, even if it is decentralized. Not everyone is going to value a digital code compared to gold in hand. Half of the world's population is without electricity, so no computer to generate a digital code to earn a digital asset. But those same people without electricity have valuable minerals, precious minerals you can hold in your hand. I live with and work alongside these bush and rural people. Through a hybrid platform, those minerals through a Hybrid Currency through a YGB Hybrid Currency can become attached to any technological asset benefitting everyone. Without the hybrid concept, a digital asset is a limited global product. Code can only reach a small portion of the global population. Attaching a valuable physical asset (gold or platinum) attracts more users. But, that physical asset needs permanent attachment. It needs to be affixed. Countries with large populations of smart-phone technology but lack of power infrastructure can still become a user. It's even possible with analog  technology. Creating the technology is the easy part. Finding, extracting, and processing the minerals is the physical labor and plays to our advantage. It greatly benefits the user to connect with actual miners. You can fake a cryptocurrency, but you can't fake a true Hybrid.








Hybrid Currency | Differentiating Crypto vs. Hybrid

Differentiating a Hybrid Currency from a Cryptocurrency is essential. It’s not only that a real Hybrid has actual 24 karats precious minerals and crypto has only code. The Hybrid combines a permanent amount of valuable, profitable physical asset (i.e., gold) to a technological asset. The Hybrid allows Users to exchange (send/receive) to secure records, vault storage, trade metals and minerals, transfer transactions, banking, and currency exchange while affixed to a valuable physical asset such as gold. As new technological assets entered into the system, it also grows in value alongside the physical assets’ value. 


There will be many cryptocurrencies claiming to be a hybrid or similar. 

Keep in mind the Hybrid Laws. 

    • Cryptocurrency user’s option: own OR use a digital asset.
    • Hybrid Currency user’s option: own AND use a technological assets with a permanently affixed physical asset (gold).
    • The Hybrid is a medium between those who respect cryptocurrency, but requires the strength of a  physical asset. 
    • As mineral extractors (miners), we endeavor to strengthen our Hybrid Currency by adding valuable precious minerals from our very own goldfields produced by our superior gold mining abilities. 
    • The fact that we are hands-on miners with 100% ownership of the physical asset provides our users unlimited access to additional valuable minerals. 
    • Our approach is to compete against existing successful open-source cryptographies (i.e., Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, etc.) is paramount.


Hybrid Currency | Cryptocurrency Becoming A Hybrid

Our Hybrid can mimic, compete against, or include cryptos. We will do all three. Our first attempt we’ll allow existing cryptocurrencies or new cryptos to come into our Hybrid System. Any cryptocurrency or digital currency wanting to become a Hybrid need only:

    • Come under our system
    • Abide by our hybrid laws 
    • Allow all Hybrid systems to consume its system. 

Yes, they can keep their existing blockchain technologies. 

We have approximately existing cryptos/digital currencies inquiring to become a Hybrid.




Hybrid Currency | Digital Mining

We are not against digital mining. It has proven to have some successes. We just know it is not doable globally. A regular cryptocurrency is generating private and public keys necessary to complete the digital mining. Under our Hybrid, no digital mining is essential. We are considering allowing digital mining as a type of quasi system. If under our quasi system, the Hybrid will allow some form of digital mining:

    • Continue to secure the blockchain process
    • Ensure the private key is kept hidden on a user’s computer
    • Assure the public key is dubbed on our selected address,
    • Make sure it spreads to other nodes of the network
    • Record as a ledger
    • Use technology (computer or mobile) power to digitally mine

These processes are essential to blockchain technologies. We are not against the blockchain. We will require the same security process as digital signatures, network timestamps, proof-of-work, electronic transfers, send and receive payments, record with chronological ledgers, operate peer-to-peer, and gain ownership of the physical asset (24 karat gold). Users will still purchase the precious minerals. Digital mining only allows you to stay within the community of digital miners and vendors. It's the same as today, except that a User has a real valuable physical asset affixed. 


Our Users will have instant value and the advantage of a permanent amount of 24 karat gold affixed to their cryptography code (digital asset) they generate. Any time the user transacts through the Hybrid Currency, whether a payment is sent or received, the gold (physical asset) is always affixed. The quasi system must also abide by the Hybrid Laws.


This is important. Why? Right now, the majority of cryptos are behaving wildly. Digital miming is only necessary to those folks with the money to do it. If you want cryptos to be an actual currency, then it must be systematic. Cryptos must become uniformed. It must have something real affixed. Otherwise, they are just digital products flip to whoever is willing to buy today and hopeful sell at a profit tomorrow. The only way you will get equal playing fields for the executive in New York and the market woman in Liberia is by offering a fair systematic process with something valuable physically.  The executive can have more gold than the market woman, but they are treated fairly in the same system.


Hybrid Currency | Hybrid Positive

We've been a little hard on the Hybrid, telling you many weaknesses we plan to address. So let us share a few more positives. Since the entire planet trusts precious minerals, every society needs precious minerals to progress, and these precious minerals have stood the test of time; it only made sense to add precious minerals to a technological asset, hence, the birth of the Hybrid Currency. We have said that many times, we know. But it is truly a phenomenal process to understand. You get the:

    • Freedom. Precious minerals provide a sense of liberty against inflation, devaluation of the currency, and if purchased from a direct mining source, it gives an immediate appreciated value. Cryptocurrency set out to do the same thing with its security of proof-of-work, account, with a permanent ledger, all accessible through the simplicity of a user's technology (computer or smart-phone). Cryptos turned itself into a product because of greed and lack of concern for the general public.
    • Trust. Some people trust precious minerals the same as some people trust cryptographic. It only makes sense that we as miners bring on some expert programmers to combine our physical gold and silver into the technological process, ultimately creating a hybrid. No one loses!
    • Usefulness. Global usefulness of precious minerals in our modern technological advances expands to medicine, medical technology, currency profitability, governmental advantages, agriculture, education, law enforcement, retail, manufacturing, space and ground travel, military uses, etc.  Users want more control over their financial transactions, being faster, being safer, and more profitable. Ironically, the gold in computer technology helps it run quicker for digital mining. It is also the same computer graphics card that generates the algorithm code for the cryptocurrency. How ironic! But you can't spend that gold in your computer operating system like you can in the Hybrid.
    • Valuables. Gold and silver as a physical asset has always risen in value over the years. A current look at cryptocurrencies shows their value has significantly grown as well. What do you think a Hybrid will do?


Hybrid Currency | We Know You Know

We own goldfields! We perform 100% of our exploration! We conduct 100% of our gold and other precious minerals ourselves! We do it all at our expense! We confidently and permanently affix a certain amount of 24 karat gold and silver to our hybrid currency, making it an authentic hybrid. Though it has 24 karat gold and is a permanent physical asset, we still need users' trust. We know you know we are just reminding you.


Hybrid Currency | Users

A 2017 study conducted by the University of Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance study shows steady growth in people warming up to use cryptocurrencies. Currently, the audience is slightly more than 3 million active users; this tripled since the previous study. The study reported that cryptocurrencies exposed that many more people wish to transact peer-to-peer without a bank or other authorities' need. The Global Cryptocurrency Benchmarking Study collected information from 100+ cryptocurrency companies from 38+ countries that own approximately 75% of the cryptocurrency users. There are currently 35+ million cryptocurrency wallets, the software that users keep information, store cryptocurrencies, and record transactions. 


There seems to be a problem brewing with the dominance of cryptocurrency. According to the New York Times, the wealthiest 1% of Americans hold approximately 38% of the United States' wealth. The bottom 90% owns 73% of all debt. The wealthiest 1% of Americans are richer than the bottom 90 percent. This same pyramid is happening with cryptocurrency. Those who get involve late pay for those at the top. The industry that was supposed to be the gateway to financial freedom has the same problems in the gold industry. Plagued with brokers exchanges, pass-through exchanges, and all types of cryptocurrencies, middlemen exchange peddling, buy, buy! Based on the Cambridge study, only 52% of small exchanges operate with a government license, with less than 35% of large exchanges. This means most traders operate without governmental approval or knowledge, equating to roughly $150+ billion US dollars (in 2017... it's more today). 


The study reports that peer-to-peer transactions are a lot, but small average business-to-business cryptocurrency transactions are approximately $1,800 US dollars. Once a hobby to pay for pizza is now a full-time profession employing almost 2,000 professionals. Current cryptocurrency mining maps put the industry between $200-$300 billion US dollars and on track to generate nearly $2 trillion US dollars by the year 2020.


Hybrid Currency | Public 

Don’t tell us you are not going to use a cryptocurrency. Everyone is already using some form of quantum, artificial intelligence, blockchain, etc. If you are reading this document, it was through one or all of those.  The bottled water industry is now $100 billion. Remember when you said you weren’t going to buy water, “Water is free, you said, why should I buy it.” Now you are buying water by the gallons. Remember when everyone was afraid to fly, the airline industry is now worth nearly $2.7 trillion. You said you didn’t want a cell phone because you didn’t want people keeping track of your whereabouts; now, the cell phone industry generates $1.7 trillion. 

Allow us to tell you why you are going to use our Hybrid and other cryptocurrencies. It is based solely on the use of technology. According to USA and UK (2017), the average person spends almost 8 to 11 hours a day using or viewing technology. It is simple; you are already trained and conditioned. Our Hybrid is half technology and goes on a User’s mobile device, transacting, recording, securing, similar to a bank app account and a credit card. 


Growing public trust, industry support, and the financial success of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and several others have forged cryptography a small spot in the financial and currency world. Now the Hybrid is going to the next level. Cryptocurrency bypasses government restrictions, banks’ greed, and other financial corporations that took power from the average working person. It gives economic power back to the ordinary person or was suppose to. Hybrid Currency aims to strengthen what cryptocurrency meant to do. We expect someone else will come along with something better, and when they do, we will embrace it. 


Now addressing the speed of transactions, the security of your information online, and trust of banking through your Account (where you track all trades), currency exchange, multiple types of remittance, and money transfer done with a few clicks from a low tech smart-phone. The level of education or sophistication of the ordinary person to own or use technology requires a basic ability to signup up for an Account. This Account is used to store all your information safely, chronologically record transactions, track payment history, and help you earn for the future. We aim to help you see what’s going on.)


Hybrid Currency | Non-Hybrids

Yers, we are hearing about the companies saying they are hybrids, but they really are not. So, far we know of about ten. There will be more because they know that you trust the physical asset of precious minerals. Unfortunately, many of you will get sucked in because of your greed and vulnerability. By the time many of you read this document, you wish you had seen this before you spent money elsewhere. We are sorry! Don’t worry; you can still get with us; we support diversity in your finance. It is important. Several cryptocurrencies claim gold or other minerals back up and are a part of their cryptocurrency. The reality is the gold or minerals belong to a third party, and the cryptocurrency is just a reseller. It is not enough to have access to a physical asset or be a pass-through or be a reseller or an attached third party claiming it’s yours.


The users may not know the difference between a true Hybrid and a cryptocurrency posing as a hybrid. Those of us that are real mineral extractors do, especially those physical assets that include the asset cost, fees, shipping cost, and other costs that drive up the price. A user will ask to claim the tangible asset based on extraction cost and not world market cost. Since a regular cryptocurrency lacks real ownership of a physical asset, the only thing they can do is tell you to hold that asset for the future. Many people fall victim to their registered dot com. In reality, they have sold you the future value of the physical asset. Only a real miner can do it the correct way.


Our Hybrid Currency is set to empower and turnover freedom back to the ordinary person while being secure, fast, and profitable. Some experts and users feel that cryptocurrency is a fad or a bubble waiting to burst like the eighties real-estate boom or the nineties tech bubble. The issue with that analysis is cryptocurrency is just one of the many forms of digital currencies already embedded in every financial system around the world. The Hybrid is the only one with a real physical asset. Remember, anyone, claiming to be a Hybrid you must turn to the Hybrid Laws.


The hybrid gives a user the best of both worlds, a technological asset, and a profitable physical asset. No doubt there will be many companies more copying our work.  


Hybrid Currency | Survival

For centuries ideologies on currencies varied. Approximately 195 recognized countries, territories, and states in the world use their own currency. Many of those countries take a few outside currencies. For example, many countries worldwide accept the US dollar or the Euro, but the United States or Europe does not accept many smaller or economically challenged countries’ currency. These 195 governments with hundreds of currencies ranging in worth and value. 


Many people believe that cryptocurrency is the revolution of currency. The question is it a fair and impartial method? If so, then countries such as the United States will always have the advantage over Liberia. Why? Because Liberia has limited electrical power and electricity is a crucial ingredient for cryptocurrency. However, the entire banking system, currency strength, currency exchange, payments, etc., have been under scrutiny. Not much has been done to level the playing field outside of individual growth, fraud prevention, and security. The status quo, including but not limited to money transfers, credit cards, debit cards, institutional accounts, has not seen much evolution to solve the problems. 


There is still currency manipulation, exchange rate fraud, holding payments to collect interest, security issues, considerable cost, fees associated with transactions, and identity theft. There will always be problems because the machines need humans to operate them. It makes no difference how honest the process, how accurate the machines if a dishonest human controls the output.


All digital currencies work on the principle of distributed ledgers and cryptography. Even their differences are not that different. They all aim to achieve the same goal. For example, the programming language used by some cryptocurrencies is “turning complete,” but other cryptocurrencies use a “stack-based language.” Some have slow block time, and others have fast block time, but they all have block time. Some, like Ethereum, uses an algorithm known as Ethash, while others like Bitcoin use the secure hash algorithm. They all claim to be different in points of view and have different purposes, hoping to get your attention. Some operate to disrupt or create an alternative to regular money. They are giving a medium of payment transactions and store value. They all try to say their cryptographies platform to facilitate peer-to-peer contracts and applications is a different vehicle. It’s these differences that they promote is why they will not be universal. Products are different; currency is universal.


They are all cryptocurrencies or digital currencies, with a primary purpose to track transactions, make payments, be used as an alternative to making payments, facilitate user’s profitability with or without traditional financial systems, and allow users to be profitable. They all require computer technology, fast internet, and trust among their users. Other than propaganda, they are all behaving like products. When choosing supposedly different opportunities, there is an old saying, “You have six inches one way and half a foot the other way.” This is why hybrids will become so valuable. They are blatantly different. 


Hybrid Currency | Challenges Cryptos Vs. Hybrids

Which cryptocurrency will survive the fallout? There will be many cryptocurrencies entering the marketplace with all sorts of proven and unproven functionalities (more than 25,000+ recognized and unrecognized cryptos to-date). When you consider the success of cryptocurrencies, some good, and others not so good. You can’t help but wonder how many cryptocurrencies will survive in the years to come. The one you wanted may not survive, or it may merge or be an acquisition by another. Financial compromises to escape going out of business could result in your Wallet value being increased or reduced. Some, though excellent ideas may fall to lack of user’s trust, poor management, and weak technological advances. 


Those claiming to have a gold (asset) based as backed cryptocurrency. The gold they are suggesting, in many cases, belongs to someone else. You will pay for that gold at the world market price. A few cryptocurrencies falsely claim to have physical assets (i.e., gold, etc.). They depend on user’s laziness to adequately investigate their claims. In some cases, the gold is in the form of paper gold and certificates, which is not real physical gold. It’s just on paper. This means you can never own real gold. Sometimes the gold is sold through a pass-through organization that is several brokers deep. The price you pay to enter the blockchain, the cost to digitally mine, and the price you pay for the physical gold, puts your profit way, way, way in the future. Unfortunately, a user will have to wait for many things to fall in place before profiting.


The cryptocurrencies are starting to overlap. Instead of the cryptocurrencies addressing the overlapping such as flat currencies that each country has, it is adding to the long list of currencies overlapping. With so many cryptocurrencies starting up and operating, if a user chooses the wrong one for the future, it can cost them everything. The overlapping causes more significant problems for the future. Just as many countries worldwide do not accept another country’s currency, expect the crypto companies to do the same. Whomever you chose, you will be stuck with them and their problems and losses.


Trusting the security of the blockchain is not enough for the masses to join. We all know that cryptocurrency is still in an infant state. Why not take a lesson from wire transfers and credit cards. Despite trust and assurance as critical attractions, what seems to be rapid growth. The digital asset is labeled and accepted as a real asset; most societies have not joined the craze. Some people told us, “No matter how you say it, swing it, promote it, or call it; it is just an algorithm; it is just a code when it’s by itself.” These algorithms are dressed up with fancy terms such as coin, altcoin, application, ether, or contract. No physical asset still bothers many people. 


The language and terminology confuse people. There are no physical coins when it comes to cryptocurrencies. Lots of people are confused with the word style and vocabulary of the crypto industry. When you say mining people, don’t relate it to digital mining searching for a computer code. Ordinary people do not know Bitcoin does not represent an actual metal coin. These coins are only balances associated with public and private keys and codes and contracts. Some refer to themselves as virtual currency, some coins, some digital coins, tokens, other contracts. This is all confusing and makes ordinary people feel stupid. The language has to become familiar and universal. No matter what name you use or the definition provided, all the crypto companies have the same goals and ideology.  Secondly, don’t confuse digital mining with actual mining (minerals extraction).


Hybrid Currency | The App

Users will be able to download the App from GooglePlay for Android Users and Appstore for iOS (Apple). In 2022 we will expand to Microsoft, Amazon, Blackberry, and others. We will follow iPhone, Android, Microsoft Windows, BlackBerry, Amazon, and many other international brand’s strict design platforms. We are not a mobile phone manufacturer yet. Supporting internet platforms and search engines: Google, Bing, Yahoo, Wow, WebCrawler, AOL, WolframAlpha, Yandex, Opera, Baidu, Ask, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Excite, etc.


Downloads and operates on all systems: Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Bada, Palm (Garnet), OpenWebb, Maemo, MeeGo, Verdict (Firefox), Motorola, etc.


We provide access to you to what we do. It helps us grow, and it helps our Users make money. We are a successful international company merging our mining abilities with modern technology. We are the future.


No large downloads of data onto an operating system to compromise or allow cyber-attacks. The YGB Hybrid Currency system will use regular updates for its functions, security, and appearance. We will utilize the latest cyber protection upgrades, multiple firewalls, and order protection. No shortcuts and multiple internal and external alert systems will be acceptable.
























Hybrid Currency | Middlemen, Brokers, Go-Between

Users should understand that most precious minerals such as gold and silver are subject to many go-betweens driving up the price. Users should expect middlemen to play with the language when they want you to believe they have a physical asset. They can even straight out lie. If users want their Hybrid Currency to keep its full value, the tangible asset must be affixed with a technological asset and obey the Hybrid Currency Laws. The physical asset must come from a direct extraction source free of brokers involvement. We don‘t dislike brokers we dislike  unnecessary cost. We have cut out all brokers.



Hybrid Currency | Middlemen Process

Users should keep in mind that one of the original intentions of cryptocurrency is to remove the middlemen‘s greed and fee markups. A user should be able to do as they wish. The Hybrid will be a medium between those users who respect digital currency but needs something with a physical asset. People want technological currency; they need those technologies affixed with a physical asset-gold, silver, etc. They need a Hybrid Currency.


Hybrid Currency | Fake 

If any other Hybrid Currency claims that it integrates a physical asset into its cryptographic, digital, or any other no physical asset, a user should seriously investigate these claims. If the company is not self producing the tangible asset, its users will pay a hefty price in an intermediary, broker, traders, or pass-throughs charges. Each middleman adds unnecessary cost.  The only reason you‘ve had middlemen this far is you were not engaged with actual miners. The figure above shows an actual flow of gold prices becomes overinflated between the Miner and You (End User).


Hybrid Currency | Combating Middlemen 

For us, it‘s simple. We go directly to you, our customer, our user. Everything we do is direct. We mine ourselves; we do exploration ourselves; we do processing ourselves; we vault our minerals. We built the YGB Hybrid Currency App for you. To be directly connected with us. Again we don‘t dislike brokers; we want you to have that money they are making off you and us. No matter how they try and play with the language, we use affixed, they use attached, and so on. You either own the physical asset or don‘t.


We‘re not interested in our Hybrid being a product. Our focus is being a Hybrid Currency.


Hybrid Currency | Backed By Vs. Affixed To

Backed by” gold means a third party owns the physical asset, not you. Back by means you never own it. Backed by is supposed to be someone with gold willing to use their gold to protect your investment. If your investment project goes wrong, they are to replace your financial loss with gold. Umm, huh! Some investors, sellers, cryptocurrencies, and digital currencies claim they are backed by gold (or other things); genuinely, they use someone else‘s gold to provide value to their project. Conveniently, the gold is always stored in a safe place, not assessable to you except on paper. Umm, huh! Backed by gold usually has no immediate market value. Your immediate value is removed due to all the added costs and made-up fees; when you purchase a precious mineral, you have to wait sometime into the future to profit from your purchase. Umm huh!.

Affixed to” means the user (you) permanently outright owns the physical asset (gold, silver...). Our physical assets have immediate value because we have no middlemen markups. Our physical asset is 100% affixed to our technological assets, making you the outright owner of both.


Hybrid Currency | Broker Statement

"For every ten thousand kilograms of silver traded on the world market, only one real bar exists; for every five kilograms of gold traded, only one bar exists, its all on paper, not real," states Andrew Maguire, "is a British commodities trader and whistleblower. He presented evidence to United States regulators alleging that fraud had been committed, and that prices in the international gold and silver markets had been manipulated. No regulatory or legal action has been taken as a result of his accusations."



























What if our Hybrid Currency fails? The YGB Hybrid Currency is Private.


Exit Plan | To Do If…

    • First, to protect our Users’ information. 
    • Secondly, ensure the security of the physical assets. 
    • Finally, savage all digital assets with backups. 
    • Your physical asset stays active in your Account. 
    • No Physical Assets will be lost or taken from an account. Once yours, always yours.
    • The conversion will not cost the Users any money.
    • The User can always purchase Physical Assets if they wish or continue to store the Physical Assets with us until you are ready to receive them or sell them.
    • The User will be able to track the market price in the same Account.
    • If we cannot store the physical asset, we will arrange to send them to you or sell those that cannot be shipped to you, and ensure you get the full payment.
    • The YGB Hybrid Currency Systems/App operates 24 hours per day, 365 days per year anywhere in the world.
    • Sell all Physical Assets to pay all Users Accounts.


Exit Plan | Risks and Challenges

We want to complete the full functionality of our App and grow its capabilities. There’s always risk and challenges with any project. We’ve successfully created the first App, and as miners we will do everything in our power to protect the systems. It may save the System to grow our Community larger. 


We have stable relationships with all our fulfillment partners - they know we require the highest quality workmanship and deliver accordingly. 

    • Design-Risk: Since we have copycats, including well-known gold suppliers (middlemen), we may alter our designs and strengthen the Hybrid Laws.
    • Prototyping: We will focus on countries that want relationships with the YGB Hybrid Currency to serve our Users. Once we reach the goal of 800,000 in our Community our team will implement the final plans. If demand is so high that our current team can’t handle the load, we will employe additional professionals to assist. 
    • Transparency: Should we hit any snags along the way, we’ll let you know and be open and honest about the rectification and whether there will be a change in the timeline.


Someone should have thought of this a long time ago. No worries, it’s here now. The YGB Hybrid Currency gives you the best of Physical Assets and Technological Assets. The value will grow because the world needs minerals, and we extract minerals. 


































This document is a full explanation of the strategies, tactics, and techniques of the YGB Hybrid Currency that does not need disclosure within the meaning of any regulatory body or commission, as it is not profaning to securities investments. You should only engage this project as permitted by law in your jurisdiction.  This document has been prepared for sophisticated individuals.  This is a private venture.


Important Notices | Strategies | Tactics | Techniques

This document explains how things work and the steps we are taking, and the steps you must take to participate. Please review this document carefully and retain it for future reference. You agree and understand that this document in whole and/or portions of this document pertaining to trade secret and top-secret. You agree to indemnify, defend and hold the organization, group, company and its agents, directors, affiliates, partners, subsidiaries, or divisions harmless to the greatest extent possible under applicable law from and against any and all judgments, fines, penalties, criminal, administrative, or investigative. Users understand and agree that this document may have grammatical uses and future statements that may require further explanation. Subscription, purchases, signup fees are NOT: loans, insured, deposits, investments, guaranteed, guaranteed returns, or other obligations of, or not by, the company, its agents, directors, affiliates, partners, subsidiaries, or divisions. Understand that any preparation and submission of any written, verbal, pictorial, and video materials, including the conduct of negotiations, will involve exchanging data and information be considered proprietary information and belongs to Youngblood Industries. Any new, existing, previous patents, inventions, publications, trademarks, copyright material, drawings, plans, illustrations, reports, documentation, or any other subject and subject matters with value or expected or potential value is considered proprietary to Youngblood Industries. Unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing, all data, material, and information regarding a party that becomes known to another party hereto shall be deemed proprietary and held in strictest confidence. This document may have some future thinking statements. This document is private.










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