Land Mining

Land Mining is the extraction of minerals (stones, natural resources, and metals) from the ground, mountain, desert, jungle, and other soild surfaces.

Land Mining Methods:

  • Underground mining extracts ore (rocks and materials) from below the surface. Usually, an open horizontal or vertical tunnel entrance leads into the surface, known as an adit, shaft, or decline. Underground can reach deeper deposits.
  • Open-pit mining extracts minerals from an open pit (hole) in the ground. Typically, an open-pit opens a hole to extract ore or alluvial material (loose) closer to the surface.
  • Strip mining extracts materials from scrapping layers of overlying vegetation, rock, and soil (overburden). Normally strip mine reaches underlying materials lying a few feet beneath the surface.
  • In-situ mining extracts by dissolving material with a leaching solution. Usually leaving the ore in the ground, pump dissolving solutions into the ground, then pump out the materials to recover minerals.
  • Placer mining extracts by sifting out valuable metals from sediments. Typically involves sifting materials from swamps, rivers and streams, channels, beach sands, or other soft environments.
Ice Mining In The Arctic
  • We understand there is a treaty banning Arctic Mining until 2041. We know that no one will wait that long, as companies are already mining certain areas and inching their way forward. Our primary focus is responsible exploration, extraction, and processing. We will join this endeavor.