YGB Hybrid Currency Terms

HCT - Hybrid Currency Terms

The YGB Hybrid Currency Terms (HCT) is utilized in gaining users that will fully use the system as operated, serves as a helpful community to ensure its wellbeing and help ensure its profitability.

HCT is a contractual agreement between the YGB Hybrid Currency System and the User, known as Hybrid Currency Owners (HCO). The HCT outlines the rules and regulations that govern the usage of our system and the associated benefits, rewards, incentives, risks. It also defines the terms of service for our systems. The HCT also helps us to protect the interests of our users and ensure the continued success of our system.

The YGB Hybrid Currency Terms (HCT) is similar to an Initial Public Offering (IPO), an Initial Coin Offering (ICO), and Crowdfunding. HCT's have limited  governmental regulations because it is fully based on our exploration to extraction of our own minerals and natural resources. Though we work with individuals, companies, and centralized governments gold and silver is naturally decentralized. 

Private, sophisticated, or general public investors who engage in HCT's will invest their money before the company issues any hybrid currency, ownership, or returns on their investments. 

A Hybrid Currency consists of at least two separate valuable independent assets. The first asset is a pure physical asset, usually but not limited to gold, platinum, palladium, etc. The second asset is usually a trusted hybrid of technologies. The two assets must be permanently affixed; valuable stand-alone; belong outright to the users (investor); be free of all third parties' financial and contractual obligations; the physical asset must be a direct supply free of intermediaries. The Hybrid’s advantage is the two separate assets. The full value is based on its physical asset, technological asset, and users community.

HCT's are supported with a strategic plan, campaign timelines, privacy plans, anti-money laundering plans, work scope, website, app, and other supporting documents. 

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YGB Hybrid Currency Terms