Plain Language

Plain Language
Our industry professionals of miners, farmers, and other associated industries require the same respect. We want things to be clear and transparent. We want every level of the public to participate and collaborate.

We promise to develop our writings in plain language. To communicate clearly so that the public can understand the information. We are working on guidelines that establish our future platforms and formats of straightforward communication.

So You Can Understand
Youngblood Industries is involved in two primary industries:

  1. Small-Scale Mining
  2. Small-Scale Agriculture

These industries do not have many experts concentrated and dedicated to publishing. We are committed to writing all of our documents in plain language that you can understand. We will use simple language in any document that is:

  • Necessary for you to use or benefits from our services and products
  • Provides information about our services, products, and benefits
  • Requirements how to comply with anything we administer or enforce