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Youngblood Industries


A Universal Currency Using Minerals, Created By Dr. Raymond Youngblood, Jr., A Premier International Gold Miner

We turned minerals into a currency making the first universal currency; using minerals makes sense.

YGB Hybrid Currency (Hybrid) The Hybrid combines a minimum of two types of assets (1) the Physical Asset(s) is a mineral, metal, natural resource with its own value, and (1) the Technological Asset(s) is technologies explicitly designed for the Hybrid or an existing technology permanently affixed to the physical asset(s). The physical asset primary system functions: must have separate marketplaces, be valuable without the system, enter the system free from middlemen directly from mining, in denominations of grams, milligrams, and micrograms, free of financial obligations, and owned outright by the accounts holder known as Hybrid Currency Owner (HCO). The technological asset primary system functions: be permanently affixed to a physical asset, not require digital mining, grow in value based on system behavior, inactive if not affixed to a physical asset’s, use all available technologies.  

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Youngblood Industries

Land | Underwater | Space

We will not be left behind and strive to lead in any aspect of minerals, extraction, exploration, processing, and value-added.

Land Mining is still viable, with billions of acres of desert and jungle to explore to extract generational wealth in minerals. We spent years overcoming the harshest conditions, the most hostile environments, the severest climates, the most peculiar situations, and the dysfunctional of people. Experiences like these give us the advantage of avoiding pitfalls, maneuvering corruption, and facing the hostility of rough mining places.
Underwater Mining is our next frontier, with 71% of valuable mineralized lands worth trillions of dollars lying underwater. Our countries' and continents' exploration and extraction projects focus on lakes, seas, rivers, swamps, etc. We will design and construct suitable platforms and robotic machines for offshore activities, shallow-water to floating semi/submersibles to ships able to operate in deep waters, strip mining layer-by-layer, suction+dredging, and shallow suction with draglines.
Space Mining is the ultimate future now but will become standard in a few years. The critical aspect of research, exploration, extraction, and processing activities are already happening—multi-trillions of dollars from valuable minerals per space mission. Companies are making plans as early as late 2022. The extraction of minerals and other raw materials from planets, moons, and asteroids in outer space may sound ridiculous, but we are moving forward anyway.


The life of the 40+ million Small-Scale Miners can be brutal, dangerous, and unpredictable. We respect the traditional scholarly approach to publishing and research. Our publishings of Journals | Articles | Papers | Reviews focus on straightforwardness, being authentic, and direct reporting to effectively engage our Small-Scalers.

Extracting | Exploring | Processing | Engineering | Fabricating | Industrial | Commercial | Mining-Agri

Plants | Animals

Agriculture for Small-Scale Farmers is more than farming, ranching, cultivation of the soil to grow crops, rearing of animals, future of insects, expanding wildlife and game, fishery, forestry and timber, non/consumables, and other futuristic Agri sub-industries. Other than mining, agriculture is the most useful industry in the world. Half-a-billion farmers contribute to the world supplies. 

We focus on agriculture through our 5 Tier System: Human Consumption/Uses | Animal Consumption/Uses | Bio-Uses Pharmaceutical Uses | Synthetic Uses  


500+ million Small-Scale Farmers face a problematic existence earning a below mediocre life because they have no machinery, droughts, and lack infrastructure. Even though we respect the traditional scholarly approach to publishing and research, we will focus on what’s best for our industry. We will do this so all the forgotten farmers can continue to feel we have their backs. Our publishings focus on straightforwardness, being authentic, and the style they and their families understand. We will address the Farmers’ issues, Agri-Mining, technologies, the environment, and the future of Small-Scale Agriculture. We have to be different to engage our Small-Scalers effectively.

The Farmer | Plants | Animals | Things Associated | Timber

Mining & Agriculture Network

The First Media Network Focused Anything, Everything, All-things, Mining, and Agriculture.
Connecting the world to the Small-Scale Mining Industry and Small-Scale Agriculture Industry will not be easy: it's doable.

The Small-Scale Miners, Farmers, and their Families represent 2.8 billion (expected viewership) of the current world population of 7.88 billion, expected to reach 8.6 billion in 2030, 9.8 billion in 2050, and 11.2 billion in 2100. Guess whose population is growing the fastest to represent the most significant growth—the people we represent.

The Small-Scale Media Network focuses only on Mining, Agriculture, and related things to the industry. We sound like we are crazy; this is nonsense, this is not doable; that's what they tell the 500+ million Small-Scale Farmers, each producing one-third of the worlds food supply on less than 2.2 hectares (5.4 acres); and the 40+ million Small-Scale Miners producing minerals that are keeping developed countries afloat. We are doing this! You can either watch, listen, or read about it somewhere else or do it with us. You will wake up one morning, and our network will be a part of your financial assets, or you will only be a viewer.

Our focus is on the two industries that make everything possible Whatever your eyes see and ears hear will advance to belong in one centralized app system complete for disabilities. Our focus is not being the biggest; that will happen regardless; our focus is on mining and agriculture.

See | Hear | Experience

See | Hear | Experience

The Mining And Agriculture Experience

Whatever your eyes see and ears hear, our focus is to advance the App systems complete with disabilities functions. We are not concerned with being the biggest; that will happen regardless; our focus is authentic mining and agriculture content.

Digital or analog, we will do television, radio, podcast, social media, chat groups, blogs, publications, apps, and the web. Whatever it takes to connect the world to our small-scalers, blasting 630 meters deep in a mountain tunnel, operating in the heat of the East African desert, farming through a Louisiana mosquito-infested swamp, or alongside guerilla fighters in the South American Amazon, we will broadcast.

We get down to the dirty truths, lavish lies, un/foreseeable future, the rotten past, and the entirety of the present. You have never heard experts talk about these industries the way we do. No middle with us; you will either love us or not. Our focus is on the two industries that make everything possible.

We Do Other Important Stuff

We are going to cover a lot in the Mining and Agriculture sections of our website, but as Miners and Farmer, we do a lot of other important things.
We host Discussions on complicated, sensitive, and harsh topics worldwide. We are not here to hear a debate, nor will we treat this as an affirmative or negative. This is not school; this is life. We understand that today’s wars or conflicts can come from situations of years of right or wrong behavior. We will not point the finger at who is good or bad. Our view is to help come to a resolve.

The Original Gold Rush