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YGB Hybrid Currency

Created by Dr. Raymond Youngblood, Jr. World-Renown International Gold Miner.


Hybird‘s are NOT crypto/virtual currency. A Hybrid is based on the tangible assets.

Two permanently affixed assets:

(1) The Physical Assets of 24 karat gold and other precious | rare minerals supplied directly to the Hybrid System from actual miners free from all middlemen activities and their fees.

(2) The Technological Asset is created within the Hybrid Systems. Free from middlemen. The Technological Assets is unique using Hybrid Technologies to harness future value and powers at no cost to the users.


No matter what happens, the physical asset of gold and other precious minerals belongs to you 100% guaranteed.



  • We Are Actual Miners

    We find it flattering for people to compare actual jungle and desert minerals extraction to digital mining for cryptocurrency on a computer. We are committed to operating in the harshest conditions and the most hostile environments on the planet. 

    Our focus is on precious minerals, rare earth elements, and developing our international Small-Scale Mining industry. It's crucial you understand we do 100% of our mineral extraction, exploration, timber clearing, plant processing, smelting, facilities build-outs, roads, bridges, and fabricate 70% of our equipment. We are environmentally conscious during mining; after mining is usually agriculture.

    We are mining where the future lies within the ocean floors, the deepest jungles, vast deserts, and discussing deep space. We are exploring beyond traditional mining. We’ve elevated the cruel status of Small-Scale Mining by standardizing and professionalizing the industry. We have decades of industry experience, first-hand knowledge of the best practices to succeed. Youngblood Industries is the Future of Small-Scale International Mining. 

  • We Bring Balance

    We set out to build a Hybrid Currency. A real Hybrid using physical assets such as 24 karat gold, platinum, silver, palladium, etc., affixed to strong valuable hybrid technologies.

    To bring that sense of balance to this industry, we offer two things. First, the actual 24 karats tangible asset. Second, the ability to supply the physical assets without overpricing. Anyone, not a miner selling gold, is a middleman. Regardless of how you feel, your price can never match that of the miner. As miners, our prices are based on operating growth. We saved world market profits for our users' to profit now, not later.

    Over the centuries, the general public had no access to actual miners. We bring a balance to currency because the entire industry is saturated with none physical assets. Those offering minerals on their system do not come directly from miners. Any system supported through intermediaries, brokers, refineries, middlemen, jewelers, mediators, go-betweens, resellers, representatives, recyclers, mandates, etc., has removed the value; forcing you to gain your profits later.

  • We See The Future

    YGB Hybrid Currency is both a physical and technological assets. Electronic currency has arrived, but we are unsure if a computer code will be the primary currency for any country. Many nations lack sufficient electricity, the essential infrastructure for cryptocurrency and digital currency. We created the Hybrid to combat this problem as well.

    The Hybrid advantage is we are actual gold miners working with one of the most advanced technologies we refer to as Hybrid Technologies. We are giving you the best of both world’s physical assets and technological assets. Our goal is to affix every microgram of 24K gold and precious minerals we extract to a Technological Asset.

    By 2021, more than 1.589 billion new cell phones will become activated. The creation of the YGB Hybrid Currency App is perfect timing. Our focus is on individual mobile users first, then the merchants. Our Hybrid has to benefit and attract an executive in New York and a market woman in Liberia. We are not rushing to develop our App; we will get it right. Don’t worry; the App will do all the work for you.

  • Caring Makes Money

    If you have ever visited a Small-Scale Mining site, you would know that no one cares about this industry. One of our goals is to uplift other Small-Scale Miners by increasing their yield. They have already put in the labor, taken risks, and now they need the reward. Small-Scalers produce 33% of the world's annual gold production and 25% of the world's diamonds, among other valuable minerals. 

    Youngblood Industries envision Small-Scale Mining as one way for people to achieve financial empowerment, growth, and wealth. Our Hybrid Currency combines minerals and technology, bringing our minerals into the new century. 

    As direct minerals extractor's we’ve removed the most significant risk, we've found the minerals, and mining them. Our industry produces an average of $ 7.128 billion US dollars in gold per day. Ask yourself who is getting all that gold. Why not join forces with us, the miners, to capitalize on this growing industry. Gold and silver is the most trusted currency globally. Gold and silver are used by all 195 countries and 60 dependent areas, including the 193 nations forming the United Nations.

  • On Hand, In Production, In Future

    Our hybrid currency is divided into three categories based on our physical labor. The cost to Users depends on our process timeline, indeed below the world market price.

    On Hand, represented by a green square, shows 24 karat precious minerals fully extracted, processed, and in vaulted storage. On Hand is the physical assets already affixed to technological assets. For delivery to your home is every 1 to 27 days.

    In Production, represented by a yellow triangle, shows mineralized ore/material coming from the mines to the processing plants. In Production is the physical assets affixed to the technological assets after the purity reaches 24 karats. For delivery to your home is every 3 to 52 days.

    In Future, represented by a red circle, is proven reserve mineralized ore/material in the mines being extracted or not yet extracted. In Future is the physical asset affixed to the technological assets as their characteristics (purity, amount, identity...) are recorded. For delivery to your home is 98 to 144 days.

  • Hybrid Currency Laws

    We create these Hybrid Laws to protect you. Full list, see Strategies |Tactics | Techniques. Physical/Technological Asset:

    (1) Must consist of at least two separate assets; (2) Must be permanently affixed assets; (3) Assets must belong instantly outright to the User; (4) Physical assets must add instant value; (5) Future growth rate belongs to the User; (6) Must consist of at least one valuable physical asset in its purest form (i.e., 24 karat gold); (7) Be profitable tangible assets regardless of the value of the technological asset’s performance; (8) Must have an immediate marketplace separate from technological assets; (9) Sellable form for delivery to the User; (10) Be free of cost from third parties, etc.; (11) Be free of any debts, financial obligations, etc.; (12) Be free of any third-party hindrance; (13) Should not intertwine with outside accounts; (14) Must record assets as a separate single account; (15) Physical asset convert to local currency; (16) Does not need an active account to benefit Laws; (17) Physical assets must enter the system from extraction and a direct supplier; and (18) Affixed technological assets are canceled if their affixed physical assets are delivered.


A Hybrid Currency’s primary objective is to be a currency. A hybrid has at least two assets. The first asset must be tangible, immediately valuable, and self-sustaining. Another asset is a technological asset. The technological asset and the physical asset are permanently affixed. This is a safeguard against unsafe and volatile technologies.

Our Hybrid Currency is divided into three currency categories. The cost to Users depends on our operating process, the categories, and timeline. Each category is priced below the world market price. For example, Gold purchased through On Hand is 2% -6% below, In Production is 4%-9%, and In Future is 7%-12% below world market prices. The day you buy, you are profitable. Only the miner can achieve this.

Deliverable minerals are Gold (Au) | Silver (Ag) | Platinum (Pt) (Pt with a special account); other minerals are automatically added to your Hybrid Currency Account.


In Future, are the minerals still in the ground awaiting extraction. We remove these minerals as needed to supply our Hybrid or sell to a buyer. In Future is represented by a red circle.

We use the Measured Process of exploration to determine the In Future minerals' characteristics (i.e., identity, purity, etc.). These characteristics are feed into the Hybrid System in specific amounts of grams, milligrams, micrograms to be affixed to Technological Assets.

Physical Asset delivery: 98 to 144 days.


In Production, are mineralized ore coming from the mines to the processing plant. In Production is represented by a yellow triangle. 

After smelting, the characteristics (i.e., identity, purity, etc.) are feed into the Hybrid System in specific amounts of grams, milligrams, micrograms to be affixed to Technological Assets. For vaulted storage, the minerals are separated and smelted into bars, rounds, or droplets.

Delivery of the physical asset is 3 to 52 days. 


On Hand, are pure, or 24 karat minerals coming from the processing plant’s smelting process. On Hand is always represented by a green square. 

The characteristics (i.e., identity, purity, etc.) are feed into the Hybrid System in specific amounts of grams, milligrams, micrograms to be affixed to Technological Assets. For long-term or short-term vaulted storage, the minerals are divided into bars, rounds, or droplets. 

Delivery of the physical asset is 1 to 27 days.



Global. The market focus is one organic person at a time. We based our growth on direct minerals mining supply.

Powerful. Our app features are designed for all users globally to grow their accounts. We are using Quantum Intelligence Technologies.

Versatile. 24K Precious Metals (Gold, etc.). For the first time in centuries, you are connected directly to the gold miners—Gold and Silver is the most versatile currency on the planet. Accepted by all.

The App. Users will be able to download the App from GooglePlay for Android Users and Appstore for iOS (Apple).

Built By Actual Gold Miners

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