YGB Hybrid Currency Owner (HCO) (One Time Fee)

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To become a Hybrid Currency Owner (HCO). 


  1. Physical Asset direct supply of Precious Minerals (Gold, etc.) other minerals. 
  2. Technological Asset support by Quantum Intelligence Technologies. 


Absolutely, NO middlemen, brokers, traders, mints, refineries, resellers, intermediaries, recyclers, jewelers, etc. “Just YOU, the User, and us Miners.”


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WHY $93.00USD | WHY 800,000 HCO’s

Why $93.00? Why 800,000 HCO’s? These are not just random numbers. YGB Economists calculated these numbers based on our approach to developing a Hybrid Currency. The one-time fee of $93.00 is an amount the poorest person in the world can afford. The 800,000 is our original Hybrid Currency Owners (HCO’s). HCO’s represent a fraction of the world population for testing and growing the Hybrid Currency systems. We could quickly get that number, but we want organic users. Not just product investors. We learn new things every day as we grow towards our HCO’s. We are expecting billions to enter the system. You, as an HCO, are going to be a little special. You will help us help the rest of the 8 billion people who need to be on the system. Your account will be unique as you will always be the first to test new approaches, methods, and strategies. Your account will earn everything from precious minerals added by us, rewarding you for improvements. You represent everyone from an executive in New York to a market woman in Liberia. You will always earn rewards because you are the pioneers to ensure the rest of the world benefits. Yes, we have figured out a way to combine social responsibility with making money to fix global crises.