YGB Hybrid Currency

Our YGB Hybrid Currency is competition to digital currencies and  cryptocurrencies. If the competition could explore and extract precious minerals to affixed to a digital assets they would have done it.  At Youngblood Industries the gold and minerals we extract are permanently affixed to a digital code (cryptographic forms). By doing this, we created a Hybrid Currency. Gold and silver are the only two minerals in the world,  in their purest form of 24 karats is a currency, priced the same all over the world. Having our hybrid gives you the physical asset of gold and silver and the digital asset of cryptographic, how can you lose.

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  • We Are Actual Miners

    We find it flattering some people think mining minerals in the harsh and hostile environments is the same as a computer search for cryptocurrency coin or token. Make no mistake at Youngblood Industries we are the real damn deal. We operate in the harshest conditions and most hostile environments on the planet. We have established ourselves as a fully committed mineral extractor. Our focus is on precious minerals, rare earth elements, and develop our untamed Small-Scale Mining industry internationally. It's crucial that you understand we do 100% of our mineral extraction (mining), exploration, timber clearing, smelting processing, facilities build-outs, and fabricate 70% of our equipment. The future of mining lies within the ocean floors, the deepest jungles and vast deserts where we operate and which we call home. We have begun to unify and elevate the cruel status of Small-Scale Mining by professionalizing our processes. We have decades of industry experience with first-hand knowledge of the best practices for Small-Scale operations. Youngblood Industries is the future of Small-Scale Mining. 

  • We Balance The Industry

    Do you have any idea how many people angry they can't do what we are doing? No matter what they say and no matter what words they write if they don't physically extract their own gold and silver they can't be a true Hybrid Currency. As international gold miners, we offer a practical approach to digital currency, known as a YGB Hybrid Currency. We only ask that you read the White Paper and IHO-Initial Hybrid Offering to fully understand our strategy, the risk, and the rewards. We realize, over the centuries the general public has little to no access to miners and surely no direct access to the gold, so we balanced the scale of directly affixing our physical asset (gold, silver) to our digital asset (crypto). Youngblood Industries is changing your access to miners worldwide. For many years the precious minerals you buy were only possible through brokers (refineries, intermediaries) and other middlemen (jewelers, resellers, etc.), they kept the highest value and forced you to hold on to the minerals to gain value at a later date. That day is over, that way is done!  It is our gold and our goldfields, and we want a direct relationship with you. We have an advantage as miners to set the price to whatever we want and extend that advantage to you.

  • Being Real Vs Fake

    Our Hybrid Currency is built on the physical labor of mining minerals. All cryptocurrencies are speculative, and anyone with a damn computer can create money. Our system relies on doing something physical, having something tangible, and knowing that it's real. We locate valuable minerals and extract those minerals. You can't fake that!  We categorize our system into 1. ON Hand (Gold ready to be permanently affixed to the digital asset every 33 days to 45 days) 2. IN PRODUCTION (Gold currently being extracted and smelted prepared to be permanently affixed to the digital asset in 98 days to 144 days) and 3. IN FUTURE (Gold already explored awaiting production prepared to be permanently affixed to the digital asset in 16 months to 24 months). We'll use two methods 1. a single Hybrid Dollar which has a value of 2% to 8.5% more 24K gold or precious minerals and 2. a single Hybrid Cent which has a value of 1% to 4% more 24K gold or precious minerals, both greater than your cost. We designed the YGB Hybrid Currency to fit any situation, any currency, and any market. Your price is below the market, and if this crypto thing goes bust you still have your 24K gold, either way, you don't lose.

  • We Care About Our Industry

    If you have ever visited a Small-Scale Mining site, you would know that no one gives a damn about this industry. Our goal is to ensure Small-Scale Miners yield the best possible results for the labor and risks we take on providing the world with 33% of its annual gold production and 25% of the world’s diamonds, among other valuable minerals. Youngblood Industries envision Small-Scale Mining as one of the ways for people to achieve financial empowerment, growth, and wealth.  Our Hybrid Currency combines minerals and technology bringing our minerals into the new century. So, keep in mind as direct extractor’s we have removed the most significant risk of finding the gold…we are already mining it.  Our Small-Scale Mining industry produces an average of $ 7.128 billion US dollars in gold per day. Ask yourself who is getting all that gold and then ask yourself why not join forces with the number one company in this growing industry. Gold and silver is the most trusted currency in the world used and respected by all 240 countries, nation-states, and territories on the planet and regarded by all 193 nations forming the United Nations.

  • Our System Protects You

    You can say what you want and believe what you want, but we both know the current digital currency industry is not stable, and admittedly not globally. Globally means the village women and the New York executive. Most of you knew better than to think you could make a lot of money by doing nothing. The computer does all the labor, and you do nothing. Nothing plus nothing will get you nothing. So, what we did is combine our actual physical work to the technology to create the Hybrid Currency. Its real, simple, universal, secure, and a trusted physical and digital asset. A real Hybrid Currency must protect you by permanently affixing the valuable minerals and cryptographic, but that's not enough.  So what do you think is going to happen? Crypto companies will try and create their versions of a hybrid currency without actual ownership of the physical gold. Brokers and middle-men, banks, etc. will use language to fool you. They will trick you to believe you will get benefits, but in actuality, you only get an e-wallet or digital code. Stop being mad we created it and be glad we did. We work hard to extract the minerals, and we can share that glory with you. 

  • The Hybrid Currency Laws

    To ensure YGB Hybrid Currency does not fall weak as other digital currencies we created laws. These YGB Hybrid Laws safeguard the strength of your physical asset (gold, silver) and your digital assets (cryptographic).  The YGB Currency digital asset operates as any hybrid currency (i.e., binary formats: alt-coin, smart contract, code, token, coin, etc.), in addition, its physical asset must 1. Be permanently affixed to any asset or form of asset(s), belong instantly outright to the user, add instant value, which includes all future value or growth rate, the user keep full ownership of the future value, the physical asset is always in the purest most valuable physical form, have an immediate marketplace, be available in a carefree form for delivery to the user, be free of any cost associated with pass-throughs (brokers, traders, middlemen, etc.), free of any loans, liens, debt, bonds, security or any other financial obligations, Be free of any third party agreements, judgments, or any contractual hindrances or obligations, available to the user regardless of the performance or obligation of the other asset forms affixed, Recorded as a separate asset, and converted to any local currency free of the affixed form.

YGB White Papers, initial hybrid offering, and other important documents

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ENGLISH: YGB Hybrid Currency White Paper

ENGLISH: Quick Understanding Version YGB Hybrid White Paper

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